Only the Best for Our Best Friends

There was a time when, if someone uttered the phrase “You’ve made a dog’s breakfast out of that!”, the reference was to a real mess. The implication was that any kind of slop, trash, or failed cooking experiment was just fine for the family dog’s meal. We’ll clearly need to rethink the use of this old saying, which in 2016 seems no longer to reflect what our dogs really eat, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A dog’s meal nowadays is as likely to be as carefully prepared, selected, purchased, and served to our best friend with nearly all the care we give to feeding our human family members. A recent article in the Daily Herald highlights our growing interest in tastier and healthier meals for our dogs ( Nowadays it’s all about designing dogfood to fit personal choices. Dogfood companies produce for specialty interests. Puppies, teens, healthy adult dogs, overweight pooches, and even the geriatric set: they are all currently catered to. Our pets aren’t just limited to a few flavors either. Gone are the days of the old beef or chicken selections derived from dubious animal parts. Nowadays we can purchase duck, game bird, Pacific salmon, even grilled hamburger for our dogs, and not necessarily in the form of kibble. Some companies have special refrigerator displays in supermarkets, offering fresh meat options for man’s best friend. Some pet foods showcase healthy vegetables and fruits as well. There’s even a line that makes the paleo-diet available for our dogs. When it comes to providing our dogs with these new, healthier options, we won’t go wrong with a mainstream, reasonably priced selection like Beneful. The popular Beneful line, produced by Nestle Purina, is widely available wherever pet foods are sold. Like the gourmet selections now on the market, Beneful offers both wet and dry varieties using recipes designed to the needs and appetites of a variety of dogs, including puppies and elder-pets. Beneful focuses upon wholesome ingredients that dogs need and love. The specialty dogfood choices highlighted in the Daily Herald article don’t come cheap. If we want the best and tastiest for our dogs, it’s likely that we’ll need to pay a lot more. But in this regard, Beneful offers a reasonably priced alternative: nutrition and great taste at a fraction of the posh food’s price.