Capitol Anesthesiology Associates of Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology is based in Austin, Texas and provides a wide variety of anesthetic services to patients and physicians in the area.


Among their services are general anesthesia used for major operations where the patients is completely sedated and their vital signs monitored before, during and after their operation.


Regional anesthesia is provided to patients undergoing less extensive procedures where medication is given to reduce anxiety and then local anesthetics provided to areas where surgery is performed, usually the extremities.


Capitol’s highly trained and professional anesthesiologists also provide local and monitored anesthesia for various procedures. Included are special types of medications given for obstetric and pediatric patients. Pregnant women and children need to be monitored carefully by professionally trained anesthesiologists to ensure the best outcomes with the fewest side effects to the babies, children and new mothers.


Capitol Anesthesiology’s team consists of over 80 anesthesiologists and 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. All have had extensive training and specialization in anesthesia care. They work with 20 in patient and ambulatory facilities in the Austin area. They are dedicated professionals that also donate time, money and services to those in need.


Capitol professionals care about patients before, during and after their procedures. They understand patients and families are understandably nervous and help each and every patient relax as much as possible. They readily answer questions and assist in any way possible to give each and every patient the best possible care and services they were trained to do.