No Contracts Are Ever Required For FreedomPop Services

Anyone who’s ever been given a contract for cell phone service knows how much of a pain they can be. The service may seem great at first but slowly and surely sucks the life out of cell phone user, especially at the worst time when they may not have the funds to pay for the bill that month. Many don’t like contracts because of the fact that it keeps them with a company years, even if they find better prices elsewhere, so it’s always a good idea to join a cell phone service that doesn’t require a contract at all.

FreedomPop is one of the few companies that don’t require contracts for cell phone usage, and they are still able to have prices low enough to satisfy their customers. While other large companies are charging as much as $100 or more for a monthly unlimited cell phone plan, FreedomPop is only charging $20, which is a huge difference of up to $80 a month. What’s worse is the fact that the person paying $100 monthly may be on a contract that doesn’t allow them to leave the company for up to two years, which is thousands of dollars in cost once they pay off the contract. Learn more:

Service fees that freedom charges will vary depending on which service a user chooses, but the unlimited services will all come with text messages, phone calls, and 4G LTE data. Those who require more 4G LTE data can buy it in addition to their unlimited service, which means they’ll have several gigabytes of 4G LTE data added onto their plan if it’s something they need. Those who can stay within the standard 1 GB of 4G LTE data can use it up and still have unlimited 3G data available for usage.

Even many of the phone plans that are charging a lot more money don’t have unlimited data but only unlimited talk and text. Those who want a great service that’s going to provide them with the data they need as well as the low prices they are looking for should switch to FreedomPop, especially since no contract is required, and the fee is as low as $20 each month. Those who are on the unlimited plan are clearly enjoying it because it’s become the most popular service plan that FreedomPop offers. Everyone should read a FreedomPop review to see why they are a great cell phone service company.

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FreedomPop President discusses taking company to the next level

In an interview with Kavit Majithia from mobile world live, FreedomPop President Nicholas Constantinopoulos, discusses his company’s vision for the future and expansion to more markets. FreedomPop is a successful and reasonably priced competitor to the current data market; it utilizes wi-fi networks to provide cost effective communication for mobile users. During the interview Nicholas discusses a successful launch in the UK and United States and how their additional funding acquisition of 50 million dollars is going to augment their roll out into other markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. In response to concern about possible operator hesitancy to support the product in budding markets Nicholas is confident the success rate obtained in Europe and the United States is assisting in its serious consideration by key players in the markets they are trying to reach.

FreedomPop’s biggest draw is its platform which allows downloaders of the app free usage for its basic applications and very relaxed pricing compared to its competitors if a user subscribes as a part of their system. The company president is very pleased with the conversion of free users to subscribers at a rate of just over 40 percent and believes it adds credit to the need for FreedomPop systems.

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