Why Do Shoes And Lip Balm Go Together At EOS?

Shoes and lip balm might not seem like a natural pairing because they cover the head and the toe respectively. However, they are a very good combination with EOS lip balm. The lip balm company wanted to make sure people knew that it was different. The best way to do that was to show everyone how different it was. They started out with a lip balm that came in good packaging, and they noticed that they had a very large youth following. The next thing they did was partner with Keds to create shoes that would match their lip balms.

EOSĀ lip balms are made with specific coloring that everyone will enjoy. The user gets the same kind of lip care in each package, but they get a color that excites them. The kids who started using EOS lip balm made it into more than just a fad, and they were just the kind of people who would enjoy wearing shoes that came in the same vibrant colors that their lip balm came in. It is not the most standard combination, but it looks really good when a group kids pull out their lip balm to show their tube matches their shoes.

EOS knows how to reach kids, and that is why they are now catching up to the old guard in the lip balm industry that has been there for a long time. They want to be sure that they could do something that would put them outside the traditional mold of a cosmetics company. This move to be in the fashion world has changed the lives of kids who would have never used lip balm, and it will be just as much fun for adults who know they want to be a little bit different. EOS lip balms are available on local Walmart supermarkets and can also be purchased online thru ulta.com.