Bruce Levenson Led Atlanta Hawks LLC Sues NHIC

The New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC for contract breach. They have sued them based on the bad insurance faith and breach of contract on the 13th of September at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The $18 million, six-year contract which started in 2012 came to an end on the 22nd of June, 2015 when the owners Hawk and Ferry reached an undisclosed buyout agreement. The Ressler-led group bought the franchise, which was approved after two days. The amount claimed was, however, confidential, according to court documents. The AHBE’s claim could be played based on the confidential limits of liability of the policy based on the lawsuits.


An additional 50% penalty is also being sought after by the lawsuit for the outstanding attorney’s fees, the loss incurred and the cost. However, AIF claims that despite the fact that Mr.Ferry triggered the AIF Policy, the claim falls within the coverage of the policy. Bruce Levenson is the former Hawks ownership group, and he is also a part of the team leading the lawsuit. He has served on the Board of Governors as the Governor of Hawks from 2004.

Bruce Levenson as a philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a law graduated from the American University, and he started off his career in journalism at Washington Star. Time Magazine‘s Bruce Levenson formed the Atlanta Hawks LLC during the year 2004 and served as the managing partner of the team. Levenson married Karen, and they have three children. He is also a philanthropist who participated actively in many organizations such as Have a Dream Foundation, Hoop Dreams Foundations and the Community Foundation of Washington. D.C. Bruce Levenson has also provided seed funding the University of Maryland to educate students on ways to run non-profit organization. Read more about his philanthropic work on