Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute


Genomic science represents an important weapon in the fight against many types of cancer, even rare ones, and Rutgers University has recently decided to establish a chair in order to recognize all the achievements in this field. The chair was named after Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick developer, and the article was first released by NewsWise.
The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has been established in order to bring about a detailed research in precision medicine filed at Rutgers Cancer Institute, which is located in New Jersey. The chair is named after Mr. Boraie , since he has made a $1.5 million pledge in order to support it.
As medical professionals have a different approach to cancer and its treatment, economic science and precise medicine are also changing. This means that other procedures are included here, such as treating various tumors on a different genetic level. President Obama has also announced the launch of a new precision medicine that would be focused on treating cancers and finding its cure, and treating other diseases as well.
Rutgers Cancer University represents one of the first country’s facilities to apply genomic sequencing as a new approach of precision medicine to treating patients. This proved very valuable in finding new therapies for patients with rare cancers. Furthermore, these advances increase the ability to classify cancers in different categories in order to define individualized therapies.
Doctors at this institute make numerous advances with this approach, especially for the patients with no responsive cancers. Mr. Boraie hopes that they will achieve their goals, and that others would do the same. His support to an endowed chair in genomic science will do a lot of good to the treatment of those patients who have cancer.
Shridar Ganesan has been named to this chair, and he came to this center in 2005. He states that cancer represents a collection of various different diseases, so instead of determining cancer by its original source, the better option is to classify it according to numerous changes that are present in each cancer type. So, he is honored to be named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science.
Rutgers Cancer Institute represents the only National Cancer institute in New Jersey, and it is dedicated to providing treatments to the patients with cancer. The professionals of this institute are literally bringing new researches to this field that will bring about positive outcomes. The Cancer Institute also provides the highest quality cancer treatment, together with various important discoveries.
So, this pledge will surely have an impact on others, and future plans will make even more advances related to treating various diseases.