Houston Real Estate Shows Promise

Haidar Barbouti is the one people have to go through if they want to invest into the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston. He runs the show for this commercial property, and many businesses are lured into this upscale section of town because there is heavy traffic in this area. This is showing the promise of commercial property in Houston. Many investors find themselves playing a waiting game because Haidar Barbouti has been around a long time. He doesn’t have a lot of abandoned commercial space because many of his businesses stay for the long term. Those that don’t continue with their leases are quickly replaced by others that want to move into these rental spaces.

That is the way that Houston real estate is growing. So many people have taken on the quest to move into commercial property because there is money to be made here. The industry is thriving. There are people that are coming out to be entertained in the Theater district. This area has been renovated, and this makes room for even more performances. A lot of realty companies and investors are buying up property and taking over leases for buildings in the downtown area.

The shift in the growth of commercial property here also ignites the growth of resident properties as well. Developers have recently broken ground on 9 new development properties for the growth of new residents. This is all happening inside the residential loop in Houston. This is the area that is show the most growth. On the Interstate 610 loop a lot of construction has already started by Surge Homes Development LLC. WhitePages told that this will be completed by summer of 2016. It is something that shows that the city is bracing for the influx of people that are coming to the city in search of jobs. There are a lot of major companies moving to the area because the city is thriving.

A lot of executives more to Houston because they can build grand homes on the outer loop of the city. There is still a lot of land on the outskirts of Houston that has not been cultivated. This leaves a lot of room for executives of big corporations to buy bountiful acres and get a home that is removed from the busy inner loop of Houston.

There are shopping centers that are also being renovated in Houston, and this is an ongoing process across the city. There is no short of shopping centers in the area. The way that the city is sectioned off most people will be able to find places to shop without driving all over the city. There are shops spread out throughout the city for increased convenience.

Vets and Food for Dog’s Health

Dogs are fun to have for the companionship and the joy. The dog and its owner often share a bond that does not require words. As a matter of fact, the bond often goes beyond words. Due to the lack of words spoken between the dog and the owner, the bond could be even deeper. Unfortunately, even such a bond could be broken if the dog’s health is not cared for. Fortunately, there are many vets that available for the dog. There are plenty of options for the health care of the dog like Beneful on youtube. The owner can look into many of the different options available to him.

While one could take his dog to different vets, it is important for the owner to find a vet that he could trust and take him there regularly. When the owner has a trusted vet, it could bring a peace of mind to both the dog and the owner. The owner will also get to know the vet as well. The dog will also share a bond with the vet. This creates a great relationship that goes a long with the health care of the dog. The dog will live a healthy and happy life and be appreciative of the treatment he gets.

It is also important that the dog is getting all of the nutrition that he needs from the food that he is eating. While it can be tempting to buy the nearest and most convenient package of dog food in the store, the dog would have more appreciation for the higher quality products from companies like Beneful. Beneful has plenty of food that is high on nutrients. They are also great tasting for the dog. This will also leave the dog healthy and happy while enjoying the great taste that Beneful is known for.

The more the owner loves his dog, the more care he will take to make sure that the dog is healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog after all. The owner will help make sure that they dog does not fall under any type of condition with the food and the vet care that he receives.

Andy Wirth looks to increase passengers passing through Reno Airport

The Reno Airport Authority Board has confirmed it has appointed a new chairman and three new board members, which sees Andy Wirth of the Squaw valley Ski resort taking up the role of chairman. The Sierra Sun Times reports Wirth has a large amount of experience dealing with the expansion of air travel to different areas of North America through his previous roles in expanding tourist areas. The CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski resort has been serving on the board of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority since 2013 and will now bring his experience in international resort management to the bid to expand the services offered by Reno Airport.

The new faces added to the Reno Airport Authority Board are designed to add a wealth of experience and new ideas about how to expand the services offered and improve the customer experience at the airport. Andy Wirth brings a large amount of experience to the board as he has already worked on the development of airports in Canada, Utah and Colorado over the course of his career. The expert in resort management is also hoping to make sure a wide range of options are considered by the board as they look to build the image of the airport as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. Areas of focus for the airport appear to include building on the reputation of the area as a popular one for those seeking the best in winter sports and gaming options. Andy Wirth believes the success of the airport will add to the all around success of the region in the future.

The State Department Finally Released Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Obama’s Senior White House Officials Knew Hillary Was Using Private Emails To Do Government Business Back In 2009

The Hillary Clinton email issue will now be fair game for Republican candidates that want to discredit Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Thousands of pages of emails were released by the state department. The emails are a mixture of personal day-to-day planning and government business. Several emails show various people trying to lobby Clinton on behalf of foreign interests. Sidney Blumenthal is a voice in many of the emails, and so are strategist David Axelrod and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

But the emails won’t help the Republican cause that much if you ask Adam Sender and others. The GOP will have to find another way to rub Clinton’s name in the mud. But that might be hard to do. She may have made a error in judgment by using her personal email for government business, but that doesn’t mean she exposed herself to a political hanging. Clinton is too smart for that.

But Clinton does have some credibility issues to address. The Clinton Foundation contributions leave a door open for criticism. And husband, Bill, and her brothers do have baggage that can be fuel for some Republican questions. But the emails won’t add any fuel to those small political fires.

Brian Williams Will Be Returning To NBC


Brian Williams is expected to return to the network but not in his old role. This news has come after a six-month suspension. According to multiple sources, he will not be given back his nightly anchor role on the nightly news. Lester Holt, who has been filling in for him, will take the position permanently according to the New York Times.

His exact role has not yet been announced. The New York Times has reported that it possible will be with MSNBC. It’s thought he will handle breaking news for that network. NBC is expected to make an announcement today (Thursday). They have not yet responded to Buzz Feed News’ request for a statement. Click here for full story.

Williams problems came when he made multiple statements of being in a helicopter that was brought down by a rocket in 2003 while in a war zone stated facebook. When the story was checked, it was found that he had been in a different helicopter. This tale brought other personal statements into question, and an investigation was begun by NBC. Due to their findings he was suspended from his role as the news anchor for the network.

State Trooper Gives 3 1/2 mph Escort to Elderly Woman

The scene which occurred near the United States and Canadian border last Tuesday was an eye-catching one. A older woman is riding a motorized scooter on the side of the road, going at a very slow speed of only a couple miles per hour. Behind her, with lights flashing, is the car of State Trooper Dave Hintz as he slowly drives behind her. Onlookers like Ricardo Tosto got a good video of the entire story.

While it may have seemed to some onlookers that he was attempting to pull her over, his actions were merely an attempt to keep the elderly lady safe until she made it home. “I wasn’t trying to stop her. I wasn’t trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home,” commented the Trooper.

The woman had gone into the nearby town of Lyden, Washington for coffee earlier that day. On the way back home she got turned around and ended up about four miles away from her house. When Hintz found her she was on a state highway where speed limits are around 45 miles an hour.

Calling an ambulance or other vehicle to transport the woman was a possibility, but one which would have made it difficult to ensure that the motorized scooter made it back with her. So instead, Trooper Hintz made a decision to stay with her until she found her way back. The drive took over an hour, but Hintz says that he “wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

Incorporating Olympic Valley Is A Bad Idea

It seems like the people of Olympic Valley would like to have their say when it comes to the idea of possibly incorporating their small town. As it turns out though, there may be more resistance to the idea than support for it. 

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the problem for Olympic Valley is just how small it is. There are fewer than 1,000 people who are permanent residents of the area. That hurts the case for incorporation because it is unlikely that so few people could generate enough tax revenue to keep things up and running. 

Olympic Valley of course once hosted the Olympics and is a popular tourist spot, mostly because of Squaw Valley Ski and its CEO Andy Wirth. The bulk of the tax revenue that it currently makes are from taxes levied on hotels and entertainment for outsiders who are visiting. It is a cash cow for the little area, but likely would still not be enough to justify making this place a standalone city. 

Residents of Olympic Valley have been pushing for it to become incorporated for a number of years. Many of them feel that it is their right to have a city that they can call their own, and they do not like feeling as though they have to be dictated to as to what to do on various matters. 

The fact is that Olympic Valley residents are pushing for incorporation while people in the surrounding areas are saying it is probably not a good idea. The battle between the two is something that has risen to epic proportions in some cases. 

Many have the feeling that this area ought to remain a part of the larger surrounding Tahoe community. If it does, at least then it will have the support system that it requires to stay around and remain vibrant. 

For those hoping that Olympic Valley may one day be its own little incorporated city, they probably have to hold off on those dreams for a while longer. There is just no use in pretending that this place is going to sustain itself for the long run. There are too many ways in which the plan is not feasible

Giant Squid Washes Up on Shore of New Zealand

Pictures surfaced on Thursday of a giant squid on a beach. The squid allegedly washed up on the shores of New Zeland, promoting workers at the Kaikoura Marine Center and Aquarium to investigate the scene.

The giant squid, which was discovered by a local resident walking his dog, allegedly measures in at over six feet long, with tentacles measuring at nearly 15 feet long. Squid are comprised of two body parts; the mantle, which includes the head and eyes, and the tentacles.

The specimen is believed to be a giant squid, a known species. The specimen is exceptionally rare as giant squid are generally deep water dwellers, rarely coming close enough to shore to wash up in this manner. That is why Ricardo Guimarães knows so little about it.

Giant squid have been described for centuries, dating back to Aristotle, but evidence of the elusive sea creature was not discovered until the 21st century. In 2004 the first video and photo of a live giant squid were captured. Biologists around the globe have dedicated entire careers to the large, elusive animals.

The aquarium has removed the specimen from the beach and, allegedly, plan to freeze it for display. Giant squid are displayed in only a handful of aquariums and museums around the world.

U.S. Citizens in Southwest Wary of Jade Helm 15 Military Exercise

The United States military will be conducting exercises in the U.S. Southwest and the residents who live in those areas are not to happy about it. The exercise is call “JADE HELM 15” and involves numerous branches of the military including special forces units. Reviews of the purpose of the exercise reveals that JADE HELM stands for “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution, Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.” The exercise involves civilian volunteers who will be acting as both friendly as well as hostile forces. Jade Helm 15 Has Texas Spooked

Residents in the Southwest U.S. States of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Utah are not happy with the prospects that the military is practicing attacking civilians in their back yard. Many are raising the question as to who is the military designed to protect and who does it deem to be hostile in such an exercise. Also, many wish to know who are the proposed “local militants” that need to be eradicated.

Pubic hearings in various Texas counties did not go well for the military representatives and the public officials which hosted the hearings. Many claimed that the notices regarding the exercises were last minute and conflicting information is being provided to residents.

Concern is so great that Texas Governor John Abbott has ordered that the Texas National Guard monitor the military exercises and that any actions which pose a threat to Texas citizens be reported to the governor immediately. Marcio hopes everything is resolved soon.

Dog gaze may help you feel more loving!

Everyone who owns a dog knows that when your dog is staring at you with those big eyes, you can help but be compassionate with them and give them some attention. Hence the phrase “doggy eyes”, well a study was done that proves dogs that stare longer have higher levels of oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that promotes nutrient and attachment. When these dogs stare it increases the human’s oxytocin levels drastically. That’s the feeling when get that makes us want to pet or give the dog some attention. This proves that oxytocin can boost a social interaction between two completely different species, without using any words or sounds. Just think about using this chemical for medical treatment on humans that suffer from certain attitude disorders. The tests that have been done to prove this are very logical in nature. They took some dogs, sprayed oxytocin up there noise, and let them stare.


The results were amazing, the chemical only seemed to work with female dogs and each dog stared at his owner even longer, in turn boosting the morale of the human owner. Now we don’t know if this could be a possible breakthrough for helping controlling caring vibes in humans and animals or we could just be really confusing these dogs brains by over polluting it with a natural chemical and that’s why they just stare. Either way, it does prove that owning a dog like Paul Mathieson at IEG Holdings does has a very positive affect on your overall mood and morale in general.
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