FreedomPop Gave Me Internet, While I Was On The Go

I love using the internet, because it’s fun, and I like to communicate with others in different countries. I’m on many different social media websites, and I enjoy sharing pictures and video with others online. I really need a constant source of internet, but my internet was very bad, and the connection was on and off at times. Sometimes when I got online, I would be disconnected out of nowhere, and it was very frustrating. I decided it was time to move on to another internet company, because it was disrupting my usage on a daily basis.

I was doing work one day, and I was angry when the internet cut off, so I waited until it returned, and I searched for another internet company. I came across the company FreedomPop, and I was curious about their prices. I found out that FreedomPop offers free internet, which is reliable, and I can even set up my own network within my home. I finally found a great company that can help me to have reliable internet.

I was not only interested in a home network, I also wanted internet to use, while I was on the road. I traveled to different places around town, and unless I could find a Wi-Fi connection, I was not able to go online, or visit my social media website. I decided to get the hotspot that was available from FreedomPop, so that I would have internet anywhere that I went. I felt that I had the good luck to find such a great company, which allowed me to have internet at home, and also while I was on the road.

To complete everything, I decided to add telephone service to my account, by purchasing a phone through FreedomPop. After I purchased the phone, I activated it, and I’m getting an amazing rate for texts, data and phone calls. I not only save money each month, but I also have internet at all times, and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’m constantly on the internet now, even if I’m stopping somewhere on the road for dinner. I never knew such a great company like FreedomPop existed, and I am excited to share them on Facebook so all my friends can try them too.