The Recovery of the Chicago Real Estate Market

Many people have read reports of the Chicago real estate market experiencing a recovery. This can cause plenty of people to celebrate. While people are getting excited and assuming that things have bounced back and are prosperous, further investigation and a look deeper into the matter will reveal that things may not be quite as good as they may seem. While Chicago is experiencing a lot of improvements in the housing market, it is only in a few of the areas. There are areas where distressed sales are still high. Foreclosures are also common in those areas too.

When people observe the data of those areas that are apparently getting left behind, they will find that things are not looking so good for those areas. These areas still need a lot of help in bringing down the distressed and short sales of the home. In order to fix the problem, one must get to the root of the problem. While one can try to cut away at the branches of the problem, they are not going to get as far as they would if they looked deeper and got to the bottom of the issue of foreclosures and distressed sales.

One person that is all about fixing problems in the community is Majeed Ekbal. He understands that the majority of these problems that the suffering communities are facing come as a result of financial issues. In order for one to be able to pay his bills and his home, he would need finances. However, in order to have finances, he would need a well paying job. A lot of homes cost more than just minimum wage to maintain. However, it is rather hard to find a job that pays more than minimum wage. Majeed Ekbal has a way of creating opportunities with his entrepreneurial spirit.

One thing that Majeed Ekbal does that is very valuable as a solution to problems is that he thinks outside of the box. He is a very creative person. His creativity makes his projects and his businesses fun. He speaks in a way that not only clearly communicates his vision to his workers, but also shows passion about what he is doing which inspires his workers to take more initiative.

People like Majeed Ekbal can bring out more opportunities in the suffering areas of Chicago and give people a better chance to pay off their homes. He can also help with bringing more opportunities to those areas and fixing up the communities so that people can have more to look forward to.

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Taking A Stand For What You Believe

Bree Newsome took a stand for what she believed in, and not with mere words but with action Although this article is mainly focused on one’s opinion of the Confederate flag and the recent struggle with its meaning, the bigger picture for me is in the fact that she took a stand on something. No matter what the circumstance, issue, debate, or battle, people often wait for the next person to move or to take a stand when a voice needs to be heard. But imagine how many issues could be or could have been resolved if just one person took a stand when it was needed. Jim Dondero agrees that everyone has their opinion and feeling about such issues like gay marriage, the death sentence for criminals and low wages but, the only way that we can change things is if we stand up for what we believe in. We cannot continue to wait for another person to say or move on our behalf. Of course there is a right and a wrong way to do things and we always want to do things in decency and in order but the key is that we do something, that we make a difference, stand for what we believe and that we do not compromise. As we know all throughout history major changes have come from people who dared to make a stand and to not only voice their opinion but, stand by it as well. So no matter what your cause is stick to your convictions, stay the course until you see change!