Sergio Cortes And His Talents

In this era of technology, more and more importance is being given to the music industry which also includes vast social networking fans in the virtual world. That’s because technology and music go hand-in-hand, good things in the tech are being used in creative and constructive ways, increasing the possibility for quality of life and popularity by doing more for less.

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes gained attention after he introduced himself to the virtual world that shaped his career and took it to a new level. Taking it a step further, he obtained many music projects and bagged awards as well. His spitting image of Michael Jackson made it easier for him to become popular and his shows more enjoyable for his fan base.

There are many sources for finding impersonators like Sergio Cortes., for example, is a website founded by a group of geeks who wanted to help impersonators from all over the world and their potential employers. This website has a set of judges who handpick new talents and offer them opportunities to work for the entertainment industry. In a sense it is like a impersonators’ heaven. The impersonators’ profiles are posted, categorized and displayed for the potential employers to see. This website serves more than an artistic retreat for entertainment minded. This is a virtual source for celebrity choice. The website also cautions potential employers of these talents to do due diligence before hiring them.

While working for one of these companies, Sergio Cortes participated in a prime example of Micheal Jackson. He successfully emerged as someone closely matching physical features as well as personality of the king of music world. Sergio Cortes later got assigned with a number of projects in the industry that kept him busy 365 days a year. He has sung, danced to MJ’s music with the same moves, met and greeted fans on numerous occasions as well. He is a popular figure in Brazil. Destiny Projects, employer of Sergio Cortes, specializes in artistic management and development. This company has received many deals due to Sergio Cortes. There is evidence that Sergio Cortes is inundated with many music shows in the coming years and has an elaborate travel plans. With the ability to create Michael Jackson’s live image, Destiny Projects may use Sergio Cortes as a value-added celebrity. Sergio Cortes is a respected resident of Brazil and a talented artist as well.