Dr. Walden Came Home to Where the Heart Is

In 2011, after almost a decade in Manhattan, New York establishing a very successful practice as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer L. Walden decided she must move back home to Austin, Texas. In November 2010, Dr. Walden had just become a single mother of twin boys and thought them being around her large extended family in Austin was more important than her New York practice. In 2011, she closed her office and established her new office in Austin.


It has paid off. Her boys, Rex and Houston, along with her cosmetic surgery practice are thriving in Austin. In April 2014, Dr. Walden was named one of the top 24 best beauty plastic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Barzaar magazine. She is currently serving on the on the board of the directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery. She is the second woman ever to serve on it.


Dr Walden is highly regarded in her field. She is an accomplished author being published numerous times over the last ten years in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery to include textbooks for future surgeons. Because of her expertise, she can be seen as an expert commentator on television giving advice on ABC News, Fox News, Dr 90210 etc.


With all this on her plate, to include a long waiting list of patients wanting to see her, she always seems relaxed and calm. No one ever complains about being rushed when visiting her office. She is still that hometown girl from Austin, giving all to her patients.