Goettl Reveals Insider Tricks to Save Money on Energy Bills

(Goettl’s Reveals 6 Secret HVAC Tricks to Save You Money)


The well-known HVAC company Goettl revealed their best tricks for saving money on summer heating costs to Blog Webpedia.


Their first suggestion is simply to keep your thermostat as high as possible. Your thermostat setting is the single most important factor determining how much you pay to cool your house. Every degree you set your thermostat for over 78 saves you 3 percent on your cooling cost. Therefore, when you’re not at home, or when you’re sleeping, set the thermostat into the 80s, and that will save you money on your bill.


Goettl’s next tip is simply to cook outside. When you turn on your oven or any of the burners, your stove produces a lot of heat that your air conditioner must then cool down. Therefore, saving on your electric bill is a good excuse to have a fun family barbecue every night. And, if you can extend the time you spend outside, that also will reduce the strain on your air conditioner. Let the kids play in the yard. Take a walk and enjoy the warm evening air.


When the outside air cools off at night, turn off your air conditioner, open up the windows and allow the breeze to blow in. Open windows on opposite sides of your house to create a nice cross-ventilation.


Block direct sunlight from heating the air inside your home by drawing the curtains and closing the blinds. This reduces the amount of heat that the direct light from the sun pores into your house during the day. That reduces the amount of work your air conditioner must do to keep your house as cool as you like it.


Replace your air filters at least every 90 days. Even every month. Dirty air filters restrict air flow, making your unit operate with less efficiency. Make sure you choose filters that keep particles of dust or dirt from getting into your HVAC system. You can test an air filter with black pepper. Sprinkle pepper over one of them. If it gets through the air filter, that filter cannot protect your system.


Arizona Foothills Magazine recently awarded Goettl the “Best HVAC Company for 2017.”


Founded in Phoenix, they continue to serve northern and central Arizona. They moved to Tempe in 2003.