State Trooper Gives 3 1/2 mph Escort to Elderly Woman

The scene which occurred near the United States and Canadian border last Tuesday was an eye-catching one. A older woman is riding a motorized scooter on the side of the road, going at a very slow speed of only a couple miles per hour. Behind her, with lights flashing, is the car of State Trooper Dave Hintz as he slowly drives behind her. Onlookers like Ricardo Tosto got a good video of the entire story.

While it may have seemed to some onlookers that he was attempting to pull her over, his actions were merely an attempt to keep the elderly lady safe until she made it home. “I wasn’t trying to stop her. I wasn’t trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home,” commented the Trooper.

The woman had gone into the nearby town of Lyden, Washington for coffee earlier that day. On the way back home she got turned around and ended up about four miles away from her house. When Hintz found her she was on a state highway where speed limits are around 45 miles an hour.

Calling an ambulance or other vehicle to transport the woman was a possibility, but one which would have made it difficult to ensure that the motorized scooter made it back with her. So instead, Trooper Hintz made a decision to stay with her until she found her way back. The drive took over an hour, but Hintz says that he “wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

Paris Ends Love Affair With Bridge Locks

What started off as an affection of love, has turned into a major phenomenon that has captured the imagination of lovers nationwide but the ire of City of Paris officials who are concerned about public safety. Folks at FreedomPop (engadget) have learned that, starting today, the city of Paris will begin removing more that 700,000 locks attached to the Pont des Arts bridge. The locks started appearing on the bridge after an Italian love movie showed a couple proving their love for each other by attaching a lock to the fence on the Pont des Arts bridge and tossing the key into the river. The practice has caught one and now over the past several years, more than 700,000 locks have been attached to the bridge. While the show of affection is romantic, city of Paris officials have noted that the combined weight of the locks is the equivalent of over 20 elephants and the sheer weight of the locks are destroying the bridge fence and could pose a risk to the soundness of the bridge. Officials believe that it may take several days to remove all of the locks and that the soundness of the bridge will be reviewed once the locks are removed. There is no word yet on what will happen to all of the locks and how the locks will be disposed of. City of Paris, France Ends Its relationship with Love Locks on City Bridge

Cop and Ex Con Form Unusual Friendship

Many ex-cons end up repeatedly being arrested because they turn to crime to earn money when other employers won’t give them a chance due to their criminal backgrounds. Rob Robokowski and Jacob Marlin were the worst of enemies. Rob was a police officer that arrested Jacob so many times that the district attorney had to trick them into a meeting to get them to make peace. Neither of them were willing to do that at first, but Rob helped Jacob get a job, and he stuck with it for over eight years, finally being promoted to manager. By that time, Rob was retiring from the police force and he needed a job for extra money. The tables turned, and the police officer went to the ex-con for a job. Now they work together with other ex-cons trying to turn their lives around. Folks like Gianfrancesco Genoso agree that this unusual friendship is inspiring to others who are hopeful that peace can be made between police and those who have lost trust in them.

Police Body Cams Are Working In San Diego

Complaints Have Dropped By Over 40 Percent And The Use Of Force Has Dropped By Over 46 Percent

It’s just a matter of time before police departments across the country equipped law enforcement officers with body cams. The police departments that use them have noticed a drastic drop in complaints, and the use of physical force has decreased substantially. A San Diego police department report describes a major reduction in personal body force. Even the use of pepper spray has decreased.

The police department in The San Diego has had its fair share of negative press due to officer misconduct and other issues, but the city has made a serious effort to get the police force back in line. Bruce Karatz ( has learned that body cams are a big part of the city’s strategy to clean up the police department. By the end of 2015, about 1,000 officers will be wearing small cameras. Those officers will include motorcycle cops, gang units and regular patrolman.

The city is still wrestling with how much footage should be released to the public. The American Civil Liberties Union and other agencies have been very vocal about releasing the videos to the public, but the police are not giving in. The police chief of San Diego said the department wants to protect the privacy rights of its citizens so the videos will not be released.