End Citizens United Recap

End Citizens United has finally placed its first announcements for whom it will be endorsing in the 2018 election cycle. With a list including 19 individuals who observe and wish to change finance reform across 11 states. With these endorsements, the candidates can now connect to a variety of members and activities allowing they to display campaign finance reform as a serious issue.


In 2018 a large majority of the seats in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs, and they will be able to fight ‘Big Money’ making a more grassroots movement and allowing them to assist in electing people who will actually fight for the people’s interest. With the endorsed candidates now released, and the heavy impact ECU is able to use for the better, they can assist financially with the upcoming races. Being one of the largest progressive groups to spend money in the past 2016 races they will surely make a solid difference in the 2018 races. “The American people don’t want their government sold to the highest bidder. ECU will work with our endorsed candidates to beat back the Super PACs and dark money groups attempting to hijack our democracy.” Said Tiffany Muller, the executive director of ECU, showing us just where they want to place their financial strength. The ECU wants to fight for the grassroots movement and has the financing to do so.


In fact, this political committee has earned quite a bit of money on its own from small donations. At 4 Million dollars in the first three months, they project to raise roughly 35 million before the 2018 elections for Congress, a massive leap from the 25 million the group earned for 2016, with just an average contribution of $12 a person. This allows them to show the American people that even one small donation can go a long way and that no matter what they will not stop fighting to get ‘Big Money’ out of politics. They know that the government is corrupted, and they’re trying to stop it. By endorsing candidates that are loyal to the grassroots movement, supporting them financially in their campaigns, and by fighting to get the right people into office, they are ensuring that there are less corruption and more concern for the American people.


With their first announcements for who they’re endorsing ECU has made a solid step in the direction of possibly getting the United States back on track by financially supporting a grassroots movement with money that is donated in small amounts. Hopefully encouraging more people to rally behind those it endorses, and help pull American out of the ‘Big Money’ problem that the country has fallen victim too.







The Role Of Charles Koch In Politics is Revealed

The leading businessperson Charles Koch has recently seen many media and liberal groups raise questions over the role he is playing in the 2016 Presidential race in terms of both leading parties. Much of the controversy seen relates to the fact Charles Koch rarely provides the media with interviews about his political or business views, but is known to be part of a group hoping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for Republican candidates.

Just why Charles Koch and his brother David have seen such anger and annoyance directed towards them is difficult to understand, but is often related to the fact media groups have questioned the brothers motives for their political giving. Charles Koch has often been accused of reacting to the Presidency of Barrack Obama by providing higher levels of funding for Republican candidates opposing him; however, Charles Koch has been supporting GOP candidates since 2003 when he led the reelection campaign of President George W. Bush.

It is further reported that Charles and David Koch are waging a two person war against the democratic pronciples of the U.S.; this asertion is simply not true as the brothers have been joined by hundreds of wealthy donors who share their views and come together twice a year to form a concensus on the best way forward for their conservative values.

The Koch brothers remain rooted in their beliefs and values, which they have maintained with the Koch Industries business that has been located in the area since the company was founded by their father. Locating their business center in Kansas allows Charles and David Koch to work with their many groups that have been formed to push forward the values and beliefs they feel will serve America long into the future. This is an area Charles Koch has seen be misunderstood in recent years as many people believe Charles Koch is only looking out for the interests of his own business empire, but many of the decisions and campaigns he has made in recent years have negatielvy affected the tax bracket his companies find themselves in.

An Open-Editorial by Charles Koch in support of Various Issues Advocated by Bernie Sanders

Charles Koch wrote a splendid open-editorial, which was posted in The Washington Post. In the op-ed, he expressed his agreement with Bernie Sanders on the issue pertaining the buying and selling of politicians as well as cronyism. Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party see eye to eye on the same problems. Charles Koch sadly expressed his disappointment on how the rigged economy has been inflicting misery upon the people leaving out a small group of people who comprise of politicians and few businesspersons.

He went on to state that both the Republicans and Democrats have been favoring regulations and policies that pick losers and winners. Consequently, that has been a contributory factor in poverty, cycle of control, cronyism, and dependency in the United States. He not only placed the blame on the government for supporting such regressive policies, but also a larger share of the business or corporate community.

Koch gave an illustration of the discrimination of the poor by the federal system while favoring the rich. He stated that when a poor person is caught in possession or vending pot, he could easily serve a jail term. In addition, the person will be locked out from numerous opportunities to make his or her life better. On the other hand, individuals who are financially endowed and networked with influential people can easily go scot-free.

Bernie and Koch also see eye to eye on the issue where the arbitrary restrictions inhibit ex-offenders from accessing quality housing, meaningful jobs, business or student loans or voting. He advocates for a change in public policy in a bid to allow ex-offenders lead a successful life after facing service penalty for their crimes.

Charles Koch made it clear that he supported Bernie Sanders on the various issues, but did not support Sanders’s way of solving those issues. Sanders supports an “all empowering state” while Koch shows support for minimal government policies or interference. The following information can be obtained from this original site, The Washington Post.

Charles and his brother David H. Koch co-own the Koch industries, which they inherited from their father. Koch and his siblings were born in Wichita, Kansas. He went on to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he gained membership for the Beta Theta Pi. A testament to his academic proficiency is his degree in general engineering followed by a Master of Science in both mechanical and chemical engineering.