James Dondero: Leading Highland Capital Management in Raising Financial Capital for Investors

Highland Capital Management is a financial institution that is a SEC registered investment advisor. It is currently based in Dallas, Texas and was formed in 1993. It mainly deals with alternative investments. It is one of the world’s leading and experienced credit managers. Currently, it has over $21 billion assets under management.
The story of Highland Capital Management began around 1990. At the time, the founding partners Mark Okada and James Dondero of nexbank formed a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The venture specialized in the management of senior secured bank loans and fixed income markets. This venture later evolved into Protective Asset Management Company. James Dondero and his partner purchased the stake of PAMCO in 1997 as the company developed. This led to the change of name to Ranger Asset Management. This name was changed to Highland Capital Management a year later.
Just like any other institution that does investment banking, the firm has been helping individuals, governments, and corporations to raise financial capital. This has been through underwriting and acting as the agents for the clients in issuing securities. It has also helped companies that plan to merge or make acquisitions. This has been mainly through provision of ancillary services like trading of derivatives, equity and securities. This is in addition to market marking services like fixed income instruments, commodities, and currencies.
The firm has undergone growth over the years. It currently has offices in London, New York, and Singapore. Highland Capital Management serves a wide client base. They include corporations, foundations and endowments. It also provides services to financial institutions and governments in addition to high net worth individuals. The firm also deals with credit strategies that cover collateralized loan applications, private equity, and hedge funds. It also deals with alternative investments that cover long and short term equities, emerging markets, and natural resources.
The firm is currently headed by James Dondero. He is the president, Co-founder and the managing partner in addition to serving as the Portifolio Manger. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia in accounting and finance. He is a designated Chartered Financial analyst and Certified Management Accountant. He has over 30 years in the credit field with a resume that covers a large area in the investments sector. He currently sits in the Board of Directors for the MGM Studios and also the American Banknote. He is also the Chairman of the CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Health, and Nexbank.
Highland Capital Management has been in operation for the last 20 years. It has been growing rapidly with a variety of products for institutional and retail investors. It also has an unmatched experience in the investment sector.

Citadel’s Road to Recovery

Citadel LLC went on to become the most sought after hedge fund firm in the world after a near death experience in 2008. Its founder Ken Griffin is no stranger to stock market. According to Ben Bernanke, Griffin is a man with extraordinary talent and knowledge of global economy. And that statement is something Ken has proved along the way to successful recovery of losses that the company faced during recession.

There are many executives selected to the company’s board by Ken Griffin, one of the reasons why many investors are flocking to be a part of the game. Some of his executives are noted for their great insights into monetary policy, capital markets as well as investment strategies that are valuable to the company’s teams and investors alike.

Bernanke’s role at Citadel may last for a short time but the direction the company is heading in as well as the symbolism of this $1 million hire are clear: Citadel is all set to become a dominant force in the investment field. Seven years later after an almost complete collapse, Citadel is refreshing for new and old investors.

To further prove its value, the firm manages more than $26 billion in assets which is 170 percent increase from its 2012 number on file. This mix of confidence among investors and performance gains are proving a blessing for Citadel. It is now the 13th largest hedge fund manager in the US despite the relatively small number of employees. What’s more, the firm’s comeback has made its noteworthy CEO Mr. Griffin one of the most powerful figures in the investment industry. The executive’s fortune has increased with a gain of $1.3 billion in just one year, according to Alpha.

There are so many things that we can learn from these incidents. First, a company dealing with hedge funds must decide what opportunities it is willing to pursue in times of turmoil. That company must have a good leadership besides highly trained professionals well-versed in hedge fund management and other financial related services. It must also decide the scope and structure of the company and achieve the right balance between diversification and integration. Choosing between time and money, between buying and selling are also important to attain goals. Most important of all, the business with hedge fund dealings should try to minimize risks by assessing risks and prioritizing effectively. What opportunities are available in a volatile market should emerge from thorough analysis of the economic dimension without paying heed to fear and wrong advices. There is, however, no obvious reason why one course of action come handy to one leader and seems to be difficult to another but knowledge and insights certainly play a role in determining the best route. Luck also comes into play in rare occasions. How Kenneth Griffin was able to bring the company back from disaster is through combination of these strategies and it worked really well in Citadel’s case. It was, in essence, a risk that Citadel could afford.

Citadel LLC is Transforming the Local and Global Financial Markets for Investors

Citadel LLC is a key player in the hedge fund and securities industry as an umbrella company for two entities – Citadel and Citadel Securities. Citadel, the hedge fund management arm of Citadel LLC is headquartered in Chicago and boasts 1400 employees dispersed throughout the world in over 600 offices. As of January 2015, Citadel ranked as the thirteenth largest hedge fund manager in the U.S. with accounts that total over $25 billion dollars in assets, which covers: commodities, equities, quantitative strategies, credit and more.

Citadel Securities is an industry leader for the trading of equities, options, futures, foreign exchange and more. Recently, Citadel securities broadened its securities roster to include interest-rate swaps for institutional and retail clients. The technology that Citadel uses to manage its securities resources is heralded for giving traders unrivaled options like providing digital quotes in less than 0.36 seconds compared to the industry average of two minutes.

At the core, Citadel LLC is built on excellence and results. Citadel LLC employs some of the brightest minds in the industry, and they are focused on implementing effective strategies and ideas to drive market transformation. They have an investment approach that is fueled by a mixture of aggressive fundamental research, cutting-edge qualitative analysis and a solid technology platform. This formula is the reason why Citadel LLC has consistently generated profitable investment results for their capital partners and investors.

In 2015, Citadel LLC executed an impressive personnel acquisition and hired the one-time Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a senior adviser. His hiring was meant to further Citadel as a dominant force in the securities and financial sectors. Bernanke’s resume exhibits his extensive understanding and experience for financial markets and fiscal policy for the domestic and global economy.

Citadel LLC was established in the early ’90s by a 22-year old economy major at Harvard University, Ken Griffin, who began managing investment funds while he was still a freshman. After he demonstrated an ability to successfully manage client investments, Griffin was able to raise $1 million dollars in seed money, which enabled him to accelerate the growth of his company. After being in business for eight years, Griffin was managing over $2 billion dollars in assets. By the time Griffin was 34-years old, he was on the Forbes 400 list as the youngest self-made millionaire on the list. The following year he was listed as the richest self-made American under the age of 40. In 2014, his estimated worth was over $6 billion dollars, and his annual salary is currently $1 billion dollars per year.

Citadel LLC has demonstrated that success starts with a culture that is rooted in values that are not traditionally associated with the financial industry, such as: a friendly attitude, a pleasant work environment and charity. For example, Citadel’s founder, Ken Griffin, is a devout philanthropist who has personally donated hundreds of millions of dollars to youth education programs, medical centers, museums, college tuition assistance programs for financial aid students and more. In 2015, Citadel was awarded the Top 10 Best Place to work by Barron’s magazine for offering the following perks for its employees: free lunches, free visits to museums, personal gifts, gym memberships and more.

Since its establishment in 1990, Citadel LLC has gained tremendous trust from its clients, and Citadel LLC has garnered renowned recognition from industry experts. With more than $25 billion dollars in assets, and with satellite offices in cities across the world, such as San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London and Hong Kong, Citadel LLC has demonstrated a bright past and is projected to have an even brighter future.

Four Things Every Business Woman Needs to Become an Effective Leader

Effective leadership is one aspect of business that never goes away. While gender challenges are still in the process of being erased from corporations across the globe, filling a key role in an organization requires a special skill set. Leaders that have the ability to inspire employees, make hard decisions, change work culture, and remain flexible have the best chance at career growth and making an impact on the business world. In short, specialized skills are not exclusive to men and women because every leader becomes respected in their own special way.

Flexibility means a lot more in the professional world than simply handling multiple tasks at once. Susan McGalla excelled in the world of business and marketing thanks to a unique background that allowed her to relate to different colleagues, employees, and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Since McGalla has been able to excel thanks to unique communication skills, the focus on effective and complete communication skills needs to be present in every company executive. The ability to listen is just as important as the ability to talk.

An important quality that every effective leader needs is the ability to inspire employees. Leading by example, making sacrifices, and delegating tasks are a few methods to inspire greatness in others. Trust, dependability, and integrity are other important elements that go into inspiring a workforce to thrive as a team. When people work together in harmony, the resulting productivity and communication become a valuable part of the organization. Showing employees how things get accomplished is more difficult than simply telling them, which is why great leaders can be difficult to come by.

Making hard decisions is part of having a key role in an organization. However, explaining those decisions thoroughly is also an integral part of the process. Since leaders make decisions that have implications above and below on the organization chart, the decisions need to be well-researched and thought out. While some issues sort themselves out over a period of time, leaders understand that taking the problem head-on and dealing with it is usually the most rewarding approach.

Work culture encompasses a number of different aspects of a company. For women in business, changing long-held dynamics or principles can be particularly challenging. Overcoming those obstacles and displaying the grit needed to make a difference is vital to helping any organization grow. While focusing on profitability can net rewards for shareholders, giving the company a new point-of-view can provide a solid long-term growth model.
In the end, having the ability to make difficult decisions, change work culture, inspire employees, and stay flexible in the face of adversity are important qualities to every business leader. Since gender roles can present some friction in the workforce, great care needs to be taken to conquer those notions and lead an organization to greatness. Leaders must demonstrate the understanding and dedication that serves the company and the workforce, which is a delicate balance to maintain. Effective leaders excel in getting their points across and showing a company the best path forward.

Andy Wirth looks to increase passengers passing through Reno Airport

The Reno Airport Authority Board has confirmed it has appointed a new chairman and three new board members, which sees Andy Wirth of the Squaw valley Ski resort taking up the role of chairman. The Sierra Sun Times reports Wirth has a large amount of experience dealing with the expansion of air travel to different areas of North America through his previous roles in expanding tourist areas. The CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski resort has been serving on the board of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority since 2013 and will now bring his experience in international resort management to the bid to expand the services offered by Reno Airport.

The new faces added to the Reno Airport Authority Board are designed to add a wealth of experience and new ideas about how to expand the services offered and improve the customer experience at the airport. Andy Wirth brings a large amount of experience to the board as he has already worked on the development of airports in Canada, Utah and Colorado over the course of his career. The expert in resort management is also hoping to make sure a wide range of options are considered by the board as they look to build the image of the airport as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. Areas of focus for the airport appear to include building on the reputation of the area as a popular one for those seeking the best in winter sports and gaming options. Andy Wirth believes the success of the airport will add to the all around success of the region in the future.

Jeb Bush Calls on GOP Senate to Allow Confirmation Vote on Loretta Lynch

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is in New Hampshire building support for his looming candidacy. He also took time to enter the contentious debate in the Senate on the confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general. At issue is that Democrats have filibustered a Human Trafficking bill over language the GOP contends is in harmony with a federal prohibition on funding abortions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has used the power of his office to hold up the Lynch confirmation vote until Democrats relent on their filibuster.

However, Bush mildly rebuked his party for politicizing the confirmation vote. He stated that a president has the right to pick his own cabinet, which Ricardo Guimarães at Banco BMG agrees with. As such, Lynch deserves a vote without it being tied to any other issue. If the confirmation vote were held today, it appears that Lynch would narrowly win confirmation making her the nation’s first Black female attorney general.

Clearly, Bush has his eye on the general election by distancing himself from his party’s more partisan wing. However, Bush does run the risk of alienating the conservative base. He already faces an uphill battle to win their support on the issue of amnesty. It will not help matters that Lynch believes that President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan, which was enacted without Congressional authorization, is fully legal. Conservatives may view Bush’s support of a Lynch confirmation vote as a sign that he is too moderate to support.

Microsoft Looking for Autistic Employees

When someone is dealing with a disorder such as autism it can be hard for that individual to get a job. When someone is dealing with something such as autism there is often a stigma about them, those around them tend to judge them and base their smarts upon their diagnosis. The truth is, though, that autistic individuals can be every bit as smart as everyone else, and they deserve to have a chance to prove that. Autistic individuals need jobs just as much as everyone else does, and someone needs to give them a chance to prove just what they can do.

Microsoft is stepping up to be the company that will give those dealing with autism the opportunity to have a great job. Folks at Anastasia Date (Twitter.com) have learned that Microsoft is looking to hire new employees, employees who are facing autism and all that it brings. This company is taking a chance in the hopes that it will pay off well, for them and for the new employees that they bring into their company.

Woman Wants to be the Surrogate for Her Dead Daughter

A British woman who is now 59 years of age wants to give birth to her dead daughter’s baby. Her daughter died four years ago, aging 23, because of bowel cancer. Before that, she had frozen an eggs sample in the hope that she would win the battle with the disease and use them, but it never happened. Her mother now claims that it was her daughter’s last wish to have that baby.

The UK clinics all oppose giving assistance in this case. Even if it is possible for a woman at this age to carry a baby, the risks are high for the health of both the mother and the child. The mother, who’s name remain undisclosed, plans to export the eggs to a New York fertility clinic and attempt the treatment there for a cost of £60,000. Provided that the case is successful, this will be the first case of a woman being the surrogate of her dead daughter, and it surprises Sergio Cortes in a way. The family is very determined to honor what they claim to be their daughter’s last wish. The High Court is soon to examine the case, as a lawsuit has been filed against the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for refusing to release the frozen eggs for export to the USA.

Dance Party to Support Campaign Against Bullying

Body shaming has sadly become the new “it” way to encourage the obese to lose weight through humiliation and degrading comments. Some have had enough of the bulling tactics of others, and have decided to do something about it. A man named Sean was dancing at a party, when bullies started laughing at him because of his weight. They not only body shamed him in public, but posted photos of him dancing on the internet with a title calling him a “specimen”. Cassandra Fairbanks saw the image and the mean comments posted, and took up Sean’s cause searching until she found out who he was to let him know he has more support than he ever thought was possible. Zeca Oliveira (Noticias.uol.com.br) was happy to learn that word spread across the internet about what these bullies did to Sean, and now a dance party has been started in his honor supporting an anti-bullying campaign. Major celebrities are supporting Sean as well, and over $30,000.00 dollars has been raised.

Muslims Take A Stand For Peace

This past Saturday non-Jewish citizens perhaps modeled one of Judaism’s major tennets outside a synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The tennet being, ‘love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.” The country of Norway is said to have a population of 5.17 million citizens. About 1,300 citizens of Norway are Jewish. On Saturday, peaceful demonstrations took place outside a Jewish synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The demonstration was publicly denouncing anti-semitism noted across Europe. According to Buzziron News, the demonstration centered around the killing of two people in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a Danish-born son of Palestinian parents. The murders had occurred the previous week. Flavio Maluf said there were 1000 young Muslims who formed a ring around the Jewish synagogue in Oslo. Jewish leaders viewed the demonstration as both unique and heartwarming. The event also received wide media exposure. Alongside the event, pictures on social media had the accompanying caption, “Ring of peace.” A secondary reason for the demonstration is believed to be expression of disapproval over the terrorist attacks against Jews in France and Denmark.