End Citizens United Recap

End Citizens United has finally placed its first announcements for whom it will be endorsing in the 2018 election cycle. With a list including 19 individuals who observe and wish to change finance reform across 11 states. With these endorsements, the candidates can now connect to a variety of members and activities allowing they to display campaign finance reform as a serious issue.


In 2018 a large majority of the seats in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs, and they will be able to fight ‘Big Money’ making a more grassroots movement and allowing them to assist in electing people who will actually fight for the people’s interest. With the endorsed candidates now released, and the heavy impact ECU is able to use for the better, they can assist financially with the upcoming races. Being one of the largest progressive groups to spend money in the past 2016 races they will surely make a solid difference in the 2018 races. “The American people don’t want their government sold to the highest bidder. ECU will work with our endorsed candidates to beat back the Super PACs and dark money groups attempting to hijack our democracy.” Said Tiffany Muller, the executive director of ECU, showing us just where they want to place their financial strength. The ECU wants to fight for the grassroots movement and has the financing to do so.


In fact, this political committee has earned quite a bit of money on its own from small donations. At 4 Million dollars in the first three months, they project to raise roughly 35 million before the 2018 elections for Congress, a massive leap from the 25 million the group earned for 2016, with just an average contribution of $12 a person. This allows them to show the American people that even one small donation can go a long way and that no matter what they will not stop fighting to get ‘Big Money’ out of politics. They know that the government is corrupted, and they’re trying to stop it. By endorsing candidates that are loyal to the grassroots movement, supporting them financially in their campaigns, and by fighting to get the right people into office, they are ensuring that there are less corruption and more concern for the American people.


With their first announcements for who they’re endorsing ECU has made a solid step in the direction of possibly getting the United States back on track by financially supporting a grassroots movement with money that is donated in small amounts. Hopefully encouraging more people to rally behind those it endorses, and help pull American out of the ‘Big Money’ problem that the country has fallen victim too.







The Koch Brothers Assess 2016 Election Chances

The powerful industrialists, the Koch brothers, were supposed to be at the head of the race to become the President of the United States in 2016; however, one of the most difficult to predict races in recent memory has left the participation of the brothers in the upcoming election in doubt. Initially, the race looked set as an election between Hilary Clinton and one of the Republican candidates, but the rise of Donald Trump has left the Republican race in a unique position with no clear front runner emerging.

The Koch brothers have been looking to make an impact on U.S. politics since the 1970s when they joined with a number of other people unhappy with the political situation in a bid to form a third party. In the 21st century, Charles Koch and his brother found themselves pushed forward when the limits on donations given to political parties were removed. Charles Koch has looked to use the success and wealth he has achieved to assist people in living a better life, which has included the chance to provide funding for educational and political institutions across the southern states of the U.S. In 2011, Charles Koch saw his wealth estimated at over $25 billion as he played an important role in the shift in focus for Koch Industries from oil refining to a range of business opportunities.

The need to fund political change was increased for the Koch brothers in the 1980s and 1990s when Democratic President Bill Clinton led a call from regulators to fight the power of Koch Industries. This battle with the Clinton family has led to Charles Koch seeking to push forward Republican candidates for the Presidency, but has yet to find one to reflect the political beliefs of he and his brother in the 2016 election cycle.

Donald Trump had sought the backing of the Koch brothers and their powerful Super PAC prior to the race beginning in January 2016. However, unsure of the real estate mogul’s business skills and his conservative beliefs the Koch brothers failed to respond in a positive way, and prompted something of a feud between the powerful business groups. A Donald Trump win in the race for the Republican nomination could lead to the Koch brothers backing out of the 2016 race completely.

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Role Models: Laurene Powell Jobs Does Good With What She Haves

How much do you know about Laurene Powell Jobs?

Everyone knows Steve Jobs as one of the original founders of Apple and as the leader who came back and helped revolutionize the company. While he sadly passed a few years ago, his former wife Laurene Powell Jobs continues to live on and is one of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the entire country, despite sitting often in the background. In order to truly understand more about her, it is necessary to look into what all she has done and what she continues to do. 

For starters, Laurene Powell Jobs is the 28th wealthiest individual inside of the United States and she stands as the fourth richest woman in the US as well. While she is currently sitting behind a few other Apple executives in terms of total wealth, her net worth of over $16 billion is nothing to sneeze at. She also is a major donor to many different charities and causes around the world. 

She is one of the largest donors to the Ready for Hillary campaign. This is a donation that puts money towards helping Hillary Clinton in a potential presidential run. So far, she has helped donate and raise over $6 million for the cause. Her political causes are often aligned with education and immigration reform. Beyond this, she is also at the top investor in Disney as she owns 130 million shares. Of course, the majority of these shares are left over from her husband. Steve Jobs had purchased the animation studio Pixar from George Lucas early in the days of the company and he owned it through the production of the original Toy Story. Eventually, Disney purchased the company from Jobs and gave him a large amount of money and shares for the purchase.

Laurene Powell Jobs is an angel investor and sits as the founder and chair of what is known as the Emerson Collective. As a graduate of Stanford, she also helps donate to different educational foundations around the country in order to help improve the overall educational system inside of the United States.