New Site, New Ways to Make Money

As the interest in gold, silver and other precious metals continues to surge, US Money Reserve has answered the call with a beautiful new website. The company’s site provides easy access to information, trading and purchasing of these precious metals. Investors with interest in these areas have profited handsomely by using the site.

As governments around the world print endless fiat money, gold inevitably becomes more valuable. During the 2008 financial crisis, the US federal reserve printed approximately $3 trillion to back-stop the economy. At the same time, China, Japan and Europe have gone on a printing spree over the last decade. Each major economy has issued trillions of dollars in new money with no strategy to create real value.

Gold has always been a source of real, hard money value. It is mined in a small, predictable way each year and cannot be printed out of thin air. For that reason, it is a serious store of long-term value.

US Money Reserve makes sure to provide this long term value through several important services. Firstly, the new website emphasis the Client-Connect Advantage. This provides one to one consulting, offline offers and guaranteed secure transactions.

Having the ability to conduct these private and personalized transactions is crucial to customer privacy in the world of gold transactions. Because the items are so valuable, discretion is extremely important in these transactions. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

According to Glassdoor, US Money Reserve also has a Knowledge Center. Interested parties may actually sign-up for a gold information kit to provide them with everything they need to know. Of course, the site has an up to date price of gold per ounce.

It also provides the crucial data including recent price trends, new discoveries, global monetary printing, expectations and other financial data. Sophisticated investors can collect this information together to form an opinion on short-term and long-term precious metals prices.

Lastly, interested parties direct access to purchase PCGS certified coins and other standard precious metal products. The site is easy to use, intuitive and friendly. Prices are the best in the market and investors have found much success in using the site. For more information, visit