Qnet & Sharp: A Partnership Worth Being Excited About

I have been interested in everything tech for some time, so naturally I keep up with certain companies like Qnet who just got involved with Sharp. Sharp has been on my radar for some time. And that is a great since I got wind of this co-branding of a ionic air purifier. It is called the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier.

The purifier is one of the best ionizing air purifiers on the market. It uses state of the art electrostatically to ensure that the purifier shoots out ions as quickly as possible. These charged air particles clean the air very fast and also help re-balance the energy in the atmosphere, which should make it easier to breath. Good breathing means that your energy level should go up, and some even noticed that their mood improved. If you ask me, those are some pretty good effects for a great price.

But that is just part of the reason why I was excited about the partnership between Sharp and Qnet. What I am really excited to see is what Qnet has planned when it comes to marketing this product. You guys probably know that Qnet is one of the biggest privately own direct selling companies out there, right? I have seen the company sell internationally, not to mention, successfully throughout Vietnam, India, Turkey, and Egypt.

I have been astonished by Qnet’s network marketing skills and their power to use individuals from different locations to try to spread some of their products. In essence, it is your basic binary tree kind of model where a contracted distributor from certain locations is given the task of spreading the word regarding the product that is being sold. The people recruited are well-trained and are quite talented at selling the product, obviously.

Qnet has been on the forefront of all kinds of products from industries like health, energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, and even fashion accessories. I am pretty sure Sharp thought that Qnet was the right company to market this product due to their strong customer base interested in health, nutrition, home care, and personal care.

The partnership itself is focused on India’s Qnet network just to start. I am assuming they are attempting to test the waters and see how the product sells. I am pretty sure that it is going to do well, especially with Qnet’s tested sell models. The partnership–at least from my understanding–seems to be a pretty fair deal where both companies are going to get something positive in return.

Qnet is Bringing More Health-Based Product Manufacturing to India

Qnet, a product manufacturer and multi-level marketer, is planning to move the majority of its manufacturing to India over the next couple of years, consolidating much of its production which is currently spread across Asia. Founded by Vijay Eswaran, a proven motivational speaker, Qnet was originally based in Hong Kong.

With products across multiple categories, including personal care, home goods, and weight management, they rely on a direct selling model to drive business. They focus on day-to-day style goods, ranging from cosmetics to jewelry, to connect with customers on their basic needs. Using e-commerce to drive business further, they work with their independent representatives to market their exclusive products.

Knowing their success is in the hands of so many, Qnet has worked to market the direct selling model as a profession one can take on, and has created various policies to help ensure that all representatives act in a manner that is supported by the company. Not based out of retail store environments, independent representatives have to go make active connections with potential customers, essentially becoming the faces of the organization. Qnet does not limit their potential, allowing them to get as much financial reward out of the relationship as they are able to produce. They also offer incentives, or special reward opportunities, to their most productive representatives, encouraging further growth and assisting in maintaining their engagement.

Qnet currently has a presence in over 100 countries, including some in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Focusing on healthy living products, the company currently oversees 30 brands of products, including the wellness and energy product brand, Amezcua. One of the most popular products, the Bio Disc, is part of the Amezcua line.

To enhance their focus on health and wellness, Qnet also formed strategic partnerships. Working with the Manchester City Football Club, they look at giving back to local communities, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles. Additionally, they sponsored the women’s professional tennis tournament, the Qnet Open, that was played in India in 2014.