Restaurant to Offer 10% Discount to White People

There are a few things in the United States that will stir up anxiety feelings and may even cause some arguments. Religion, Politics, and Race probably being in the top three of those topics to avoid in mixed social settings were people would be expected to have differing viewpoints. But Ricardo Tosto says the one that gets avoided most of all is the topic of race. We as a people have gone out of our way to try and either celebrate the differences of our people or not mention it at all. When it comes to white people, they are the one race that is not celebrated at all. For instance there is a black history month, a Hispanic history month, an Asian Pacific heritage month, but no one even wants to approach the subject of celebrating white people for the implication of coming off racist to all the others. After all it was the white person who has oppressed all the others…well at least that is what we are teaching the children.

So, because the celebrating of white people does not get the same kind of recognition there is a barbecue restaurant in Milliken, Colorado that will be hosting a “White People Appreciation Day” on June 11th of this year and will give a 10% discount to any white patron. While this would seem to be self-serving to most, the restaurant is actually owned by two Hispanic men who are just looking to recognize everyone’s race and felt it was unfair that whites were to not being recognized and celebrated like the other races.