José AuriemoNeto and JHSF Bring Opportunity to Sao Paulo

There are many different development companies that are in Sao Paulo but only one of them is able to boast being the most luxurious company that is available to help people with the opportunities that they have. It is something that has made things better for the people who are in different situations and it is something that has made it easier for people to be able to get what they need out of the developments. José AuriemoNeto has worked to develop both residential and commercial spaces so that people are able to get what they want. Whether people who live in Sao Paulo are living, working or entertaining themselves, they are able to get what they need from the developments that José AuriemoNeto created for people who are in different areas. This has helped José AuriemoNeto to build up the JHSF name and has allowed him the chance to make the company even better.

The residential aspect of the company is committed to providing residents of Brazil with the most luxurious living options available. They boast things like premium finishes, extreme convenience and added extras. There are many things that José AuriemoNeto includes in his residential buildings that have made them luxurious for the people who live there. It has given him the chance to make things better and give people a better chance at doing what they can with the experiences that they have in their own living and residential situations.

Commercial spaces are also important to José AuriemoNeto. He wants to make sure that things are going to work out for JHSF and the options that people have when they are in the area of Sao Paulo. He has worked to develop offices, retail locations and even manufacturing locations. While he has done everything that he can to add luxury to the buildings, it is something that most companies do not do. He wants to make sure that he is working with the right type of company and, for that reason, has recently signed exclusive agreements with big name luxury designers like Jimmy Choo.

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Todd Lubar and the World of Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is the President of the famous TDL Global Ventures, LLC, based in Bethesda, Maryland. Apart from this, he serves as the vice president of Legendary Investments. Upon the completion of his studies at the Peddie School in Highstown, Todd joined Syracuse University whereby he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in speech communication in 1995. Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his two children.

Todd Lubar first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. His love for real estate business had already taken root in his mind within time, and he garnered a lot of experience in mortgage banking. With the connection he had made with his clients, the Legacy Financial Group based in Arlington, Texas offered him an opportunity to exercise his talents and abilities in 1999. He succeeded in expanding the firm’s production units to $100 million loan volume annually. In 2005, Todd acted Senior Vice President of Charter Funding.

Todd Lubar established his real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC which was a residential development company. As the company’s operations went on, he realized that there was still a gap left in serving his client. Therefore he formed the Legendary Financial, LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Financial, LLC acted as a source for business loans.

From the year 2007, the mortgage industry had radical changes globally which made Todd focus on other activities. He established commercial demolitions, involved in scrap metal businesses that deal with recycling, and also the night club industry. Life as a mortgage originator wasn’t smooth all the way through. Sometimes it was difficult for him since he used his own personal financial to sustain his business. His resilience was the gate path to his success. Making the world a better place is what motivates Todd.

How the Services of Town Residential Help Its Clients in Accessing the Best Real Estate Property.

New York is a commercial city that has very many activities. Due to this, getting a residential place that matches the needs of an individual can be a very had task since different real estates in the area have varying features. People have different tastes, and therefore, they look for unique aspects in a real estate. The individuals who are looking for houses that meet their requirements are advised to seek the assistance of a real estate specialist who has been in the sector and understands the needs of various people. The professional will make the property search easier.


Town Residential is a leading New York-based firm that gives outstanding real estate services to the people around the city. The operations of the company kicked off in 2010, and its founder was Andrew Heiberger. The main area of expertise of the business is residential houses and its primary solution is selling, buying, renting, advertising and improvement of properties. The company is successful in offering its services because it has an excellent management team as well as well-trained and experienced assistants that offer unparalleled service to property buyers.


The firm has excellent skills in providing professional guidelines to people who would like to buy property in New York. They inform the clients of the real estates that are available in the area and help them in getting a good view of the different types of properties in the large city. The assistance that the company gives to its customers helps them in buying property without being faced with many challenges. The advice that the clients get solves most of their issues.


Town Residential is also useful to the property sellers. They offer comprehensive advice on the different issues related to selling property such as the price of the asset. The company is also crucial in the marketing of residential houses, and it ensures that potential buyers of the property know about it and also maintains it in an excellent shape. Advertisements of the property should reach the largest number of people possible to ensure that the selling process is easy.


 Individuals who are interested in renting houses in New York can also visit Town Residential for the best guidance. The company’s website has many agents who can assist in accessing a decent home that matches the budget of the client. Town Residential has been offering outstanding solutions to the people of New York, and therefore, it is well known and trusted by the city residents.


Boraie Development’s New Luxury Apartment Complex in New Brunswick: The Aspire

The tale of many cities in the United States is the same: declining property values mixed with immigrant populations combine to create a limited tax base, and the subsequent prevailing despair. This city on narrowly sidestepped an awful fate when Johnson and Johnson made a commitment to stay in the city, keeping jobs there as well as providing a nice bump to the tax revenue some 35 years ago. This, combined with the Rutgers, has served to keep New Brunswick a bit more stable than other cities that don’t have major employers and universities to bolster the local economy. As reported by the NJ Spotlight, New Brunswick is about to get even better!

Boraie Development has made an equally impressive commitment to New Brunswick as Johnson and Johnson did so many years ago. They have built The Aspire New Brunswick, which is a 17-story high-rise, luxurious apartment complex in this city with an existing eclectic restaurant and shopping district. This complex is also easily commutable to either Manhattan or Philadelphia. Boraie Development built this complex with amenities in mind. There is a 24-hour doorman, a parking garage with direct elevator access into the building on-site management.

New Brunswick was easily in the clutches of a downturn spanning several decades. One of two things happens in these cases: things get better, or they get worse. Boraie Development gave New Brunswick a lifeline with this development, and it is a vote that things can get better in this Central New Jersey city. The apartments have several different floor plans, lofty ceiling heights up to 10 feet, oversized windows, hardwood floors, great city views, and many units also have balconies. The kitchens are completely gourmet with quartz countertops, custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances and opulent backsplashes. In addition, every unit has a washer and dryer. Bathrooms are also well-appointed on with porcelain tiles and designer fixtures. Residents can expect low heating bills as Boraie Development installed the latest in gas-powered heating systems, which is comparatively much less expensive than electricity.

Luxurious city apartment buildings are likely not complete without a rooftop deck! The Aspire has a deck with incredible city views, and outdoor electric barbecues and seating area. They also have a lounge area that has a catering kitchen as well as pool tables and flat-screen TVs. This area also has tables that will accommodate up to 12 people, so preparing a meal and entertaining is easy at The Aspire. Finally you can also stay in shape in the 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness facility without ever leaving the premises. All of these amenities are included in the monthly rent at this premier apartment complex that will likely change the landscape of New Brunswick forever.

New York City’s Real Estate Market Situation

New York City is known as the premier place to purchase real estate in because of the traditionally high demand from customers and real estate moguls alike. Not only are apartments, houses, and other personal living spaces popular, but large buildings intended for business purposes are popular as well. Much like other real estate markets in the world such as Miami, London, and Australia, NYC apartments for rent has experienced an all-time low in regards to apartment vacancies in over nine years. Fortunately, only the prices of luxury apartments have dropped, with lower-quality apartments not being affected nearly as much.

Town Residential, a real estate company primarily appealing to luxury customers, is doing everything they can to help bring the demand of housing in New York City. Town Residential is based in the heart of New York City, and was founded by Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger in 2010. Town Residential has been named a member of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City, a very difficult award to earn, considering that there are millions of people that live in New York City.

Luxury real estate bubbles have bursted in London and Australia, as referenced earlier, for no foreseen reason. The only trend is that these luxury real estate markets have fallen in a geographical order, starting with China, then Australia, then London, and then, unfortunately, the Big Apple.

Town Residential has listings from less than one million dollars to more than thirty million dollars. Not everybody can afford a million-dollar piece of property, but just about everyone who is looking to purchase a home or apartment in New York City will already know about the price barriers and have enough money. Town Residential is not focused in one central neighborhood like many other competitors are, as Town Resdiential has listings in more than fifteen boroughs and neighborhoods in Nefw York City.

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Incorporating Olympic Valley Is A Bad Idea

It seems like the people of Olympic Valley would like to have their say when it comes to the idea of possibly incorporating their small town. As it turns out though, there may be more resistance to the idea than support for it. 

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the problem for Olympic Valley is just how small it is. There are fewer than 1,000 people who are permanent residents of the area. That hurts the case for incorporation because it is unlikely that so few people could generate enough tax revenue to keep things up and running. 

Olympic Valley of course once hosted the Olympics and is a popular tourist spot, mostly because of Squaw Valley Ski and its CEO Andy Wirth. The bulk of the tax revenue that it currently makes are from taxes levied on hotels and entertainment for outsiders who are visiting. It is a cash cow for the little area, but likely would still not be enough to justify making this place a standalone city. 

Residents of Olympic Valley have been pushing for it to become incorporated for a number of years. Many of them feel that it is their right to have a city that they can call their own, and they do not like feeling as though they have to be dictated to as to what to do on various matters. 

The fact is that Olympic Valley residents are pushing for incorporation while people in the surrounding areas are saying it is probably not a good idea. The battle between the two is something that has risen to epic proportions in some cases. 

Many have the feeling that this area ought to remain a part of the larger surrounding Tahoe community. If it does, at least then it will have the support system that it requires to stay around and remain vibrant. 

For those hoping that Olympic Valley may one day be its own little incorporated city, they probably have to hold off on those dreams for a while longer. There is just no use in pretending that this place is going to sustain itself for the long run. There are too many ways in which the plan is not feasible

Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has become one of the most successful restaurateurs in the Houston area and he has gotten there by taking on an unconventional view of how a restaurant should be run. He claims that many restaurant owners are caught up in what they want out of their restaurant versus what the customers want out of a restaurant. This customer service oriented view has helped elevate Haidar Barbouti to a successful career.
Haidar Barbouti is the owner of the Highland Village Shopping Center and he recently decided to build a third story on his shopping center and decided that this third story would be a great place for a restaurant. This restaurant would be open air and offer spectacular view of the Galleria area.
Haidar stated that he had recently gone to Europe and was inspired by all of the wonderful open area restaurants that the continent had to offer. These restaurants offered a great atmosphere and were a pleasure to eat in. He wanted to create that atmosphere in Houston. When he started to build his open area restaurant area, he could not find a tenant for it.
Many restaurants pitched opening a tapas bar that would offer wine, there is a great deal of money to be made in this category, but Haidar did not want to open another tapas bar, because he felt that these were quite boring. Haidar is hoping to create a new and exciting restaurant that people would want to go to. After awhile he decided that he was going to have to open his own restaurant.
Haidar had no previous restaurant experience, but he was able to flourish because he had knowledge of what tasted good. He knew that back in the day everyone’s mother could cook a delicious meal that was better than what you would find in a restaurant. After awhile at looking at these old recipes, he was able to open UP restaurant.
UP has become one of the hottest spots in town. This chic restaurant is filled with stylish decor and with some of the best and most exciting food in town. Haidar is now considered a visionary by local restaurant owners and he is well on his way to becoming own of the most successful restaurant owners in Houston.
By being willing to break outside of the current trends and change the way the business is run, Haidar has changed the industry forever.