Tennessee Wants The Bible To Be The Official State Book

Republican Representative Jerry Sexton Proposal Advances To The State House But There Are State Constitutional Questions To Address

Tennessee has always been a Bible loving state. The publishing industry has been producing Bibles in Nashville for decades. There is a deep-rooted religious melody playing throughout the state, and because of that silent tune a state representative wants to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee. That’s a nice thought, but there are several hurdles to jump over before that becomes a reality.

The major hurdle is the state’s constitution. Igor Cornelsen knows that the constitution says no religious preference is permitted. No mode of worship shall take precedence over another. That mandate is pretty clear. Religion and politics are dangerous friends. We see those friends clash in states around the country every day. America was founded on religious freedom. Making the Bible the official book of any state is a nice gesture, but a bad idea. The Bible is a great book, but it is was not written to be the law for millions of people in this country,

Mississippi and Louisiana tried to pass the same law, but those states failed. Some people want to make the government of the United States Christian. That’s the first step in the collapse of any free nation.