London Vacation Rentals – The Best Way To Stay In London

Traveling to London is something that I had always wanted to do. However, I remember reading horror stories about all the experiences people have had in some of the hotels. Now what is even worse is the fact that the only hotels that I could afford to stay in at the time were those exact ones I had read about having horrible reviews on the Internet. This is when I started to explore the different options that I had available to me and one of those was by finding LondonEscape, which is a rather pleasant website to help you in finding the best London vacation rentals.

When I first went to the website, all I could think was exactly what most of you will think, another booking website. Then I quickly noticed their are some major differences between Londonescape and the other booking websites. These differences, while they are fairly subtle in some cases are glaringly obvious once the site is started to be explored.

The main thing that I really enjoy is the fact the owner of this website is intimately familiar with the city and the owners of the properties they have listed. This is completely different than most of the travel websites that will only know the location of the property and their rates. With this intimate knowledge, it is going to make it easier for you to know about the property and if you have a complaint know the owner will address the problem and not a manager or someone who does not have a vested interest in the property.

Booking a place to stay in London used to be something that I dreaded because of the hotel ratings of the places in my price range. While this may not seem that concerning to everyone, for me it was a major problem because I did not know where to book at. This is when I decided to look at Londonescape for the apartment and hotel room that I wanted to use. With this information, I was able to travel to London and know the trip was the best one I would ever take.