Why Richard Mishaan Designs will Always Stand Out

Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia, and grew up in Italy. His source of inspiration for design is from his childhood memories of the colorful Colombia cities. Richard moved to New York in 1978 and studied Bachelor of Arts at the New York University. He also studied architecture at Columbia University. His career journey began as an apprentice working for Philip Johnson’s Offices where he gained useful experience in interior design. This, together with his rich Columbian heritage set him off for a great career.

Richard Mishaan design creates an incredible myriad for an authentic lifestyle. Richard Mishaan Design is the first choice for most clients who are looking for luxurious and sophisticated designs. The designs are of bold colors, and they express divertive moods. The bold colors are one of the factors that make Richard Mishaan’s designs to stand out.

Over the years, Richard Mishaan has earned the reputation of the ultimate mix master. The main theme of Richard Mishaan Design is individualization as he works to create the context for his clients.

Richard Mishaan design can best be described as a touch of class. Richard’s company located in New York is one of the leading interior design and architectural work providers. He provides lavish interiors that have carefully been combined using vintage. His designs are unique and sophisticated, quite different from other designers’ work. Richard Mishaan designs have featured in many publications like Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

Richard Mishaan design is associated with iconic interior jobs like Trump World Towers and Shelburne Hotel. Richard Mishaan has more than twenty-five years experience in interior design and has a keen eye for detail. This sets him apart from other designers. Richard Mishaan Design firm is trusted by clients as a source of stylish, and elegant interior designs for homes and hotels.


Richard Mishaan Design Creates Artistic Luxury Interior Designs

Richard Mishaan Design, based in New York, creates luxury interior designs considered artwork. They create commercial, hospitality, and residential designs. Richard Mishaan Design creates notable interior designs all over the world. They combine architecture, fashion, and interior designs to create unique, beautiful, luxury interiors. Floral arrangements, artwork, and decorations are key components of a Richard Mishaan Design.

Richard Mishaan published two books, Artfully Modern & Modern Luxury. Both books are hard back. They contain vivid photographs of interior designs and tips about how to redesign any size living space. Richard Mishaan Design makes a room look like artwork. The photographs show the brilliant use of layers and luxury items.

Numerous decorating magazines showcase interiors by Richard Mishaan Design. Elle Decor: The A-list, a magazine with interior designs that demonstrate distinctive luxury, recently featured stunning interiors by Richard Mishaan Design.

The Floridian Penthouse uses furniture and artwork to blend bright colors creating an upscale, elegant interior. Richard Mishaan Design blends different shades of gleaming wood with intriguing and vivid artwork. Trump Park Ave uses beautiful shades of blue, and the bookshelves, tables, and vases are glass, creating the illusion that light dancing through the rooms. One of the rooms has a television with headphones. A person chooses a natural setting, and then watches and listens to what is on the television.

The Soho Richard Mishaan Design looks modern and eclectic. There is a feeling of being in nature with paintings of jungle scenes and framed photographs of birds. There are animal decorations, with an alligator on one of the tables. The bedroom has a bookshelf against the wall with a rolling ladder. Richard Mishaan Design has extensive experience designing the interior of hotels and resorts. They understand and execute modern, functional lobby designs. Their latest project is designing their own hotel brand.