New DNA Evidence Has Freed Hundreds Of Prisoners But They Are Still Prisoners Of Time

1989 Was The First Year DNA Was Used To Free Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners

The penal system along with the legal system is broken in the U.S., and citizens across the country feel the effects of our antiquated judicial system in a number of ways. Since 1989 over 324 people have been released from prison because they were wrongfully convicted of a crime. That is just the tip of the wrongfully convicted iceberg according to some U.S. officials. 

Even though those prisoners were released, they are still prisoners. Each one of them lost years of productive time while they sat behind bars wondering why the system is so screwed up. In fact, data from Dr. Daniel Amen shows the number of years lost by those 324 people is 5,192 years. That is a wake-up call if there even was one. 

Complaining about our legal problems doesn’t solve them. It is obvious that our dysfunctional incarcerating disease is systemic. The system is designed to fail those people that find themselves at the wrong place at the right time for the authorities. Some say our legal system does have issues, but it’s the only one we have. 

Well, it’s time to change that mentality. It’s time to focus on solutions rather than waiting for the people in the legal system to change what they don’t acknowledge. Change always begins when the ashes of complacent thinking rekindle themselves into the fire of self-responsibility.