A Speech You Won’t Want to Miss

Yeonmi Park is set to visit DePauw University on October 5th, 2015 to give a speech on her life story. The speech will also include horrors of human trafficking and importance of human freedom. The visit will make her the youngest-ever Timothy and Sharon Ubben lecturer.
The 5th October lecture will be just one day after the North Korean defector turns 22 years. Her already popular book, “In Order to Live”, will be published six days before the lecture. Her speech will be at exactly 7:30 p.m inside the Kresge Auditorium. Yoenmi Park is expected to host a question and answer session at the same venue just after the speech. She will also use the session for book signing. The lecture follows the standard Ubben Lectures’ protocols and, therefore, will be open to everyone free of charge.
Yeonmi Park’s story is one of the most powerful stories from North Korean defectors. North Korea is considered the darkest and the most repressive regime globally. After escaping from North Korea, Park established herself as a vocal human rights activist even before turning twenty years. Her human rights campaign has earned her a place in BBC’s ‘Top 100 Global Women’.

When Park was born, her parents were civil servants. They lived in Hyesan City. The city is located near the North Korean-Chinese border. As a child, like many North Koreans, she believed dying for the North Korean regime was the most honorable thing. This belief was changed when she watched a pirated copy of the movie Titanic.
Yeonmi Park’s life changed sharply in 2002 when North Korea was faced with famine. Her father, in an effort to save the family from starvation, was forced to smuggle silver, gold and nickel to traders from China. He was caught and sentenced to a 17 year imprisonment term in a labor camp. Due to harsh conditions in the camp, he fell ill and was released to get medical care. Park’s escape from North Korea had begun.
The family managed to escape in three phases. The first phase involved the escape of Park’s sisters; second phase was the escape of Park and her mother; while the final phase was the escape of her father. The 2007 escape was by the help of human traffickers and involved escaping into china before relocating to South Korea. China hunts down North Korean defectors and deports them back. Park’s father died from colon cancer in 2009 and one of her sisters is still missing.
DePauw University’s website, where I read the original article from, also says Yeonmi Park has been featured by several media houses including CNBC, CNN, New York Times, BBC and Wall Street Journal. Park’s visit to the university is expected to draw a huge audience and also give non-North Koreans a glimpse of North Korea. Attendants should show up early in order to catch the whole speech.
Original article: http://www.depauw.edu/news-media/latest-news/details/31750/

Netflix Smashes Subscriber Estimates and Bets the Bank on Original Programming

In the first quarter of 2015 Netflix has already raked in a record 4.9 million subscribers sending their stock skyrocketing nearly 25%. The digital underdog is setting a pace that has most television executives shaking in their boots. So what’s next for the company that’s leaving linear TV in the dust? The answer is quite simple: much, much more original programming.

The newest original release, Daredevil, is number 17 for Netflix in just three short years. Netflix has become an entertainment staple based on more than just syndicating network TV. They’ve built their reputation in the industry as a leader by providing high quality, original programming to the masses online.

Cable-cutters everywhere will jump for joy to learn that Netflix is rolling out a full 320 hours worth of original series in 2015. That’s close to three times as much as all of last year.

It appears that Netflix is banking their future on providing a plethora of programming choices for their customers. The type of original shows they provide run the gamut from wholesome family fun to scintillating, violent drama.

Their only real competition in the digital market at this point is HBO Now, a favorite of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. (Economia) The new service from HBO requires no cable or satellite contract. The competition from these two entertainment vendors is sure to drive quality and creativity through the roof as they battle for market share online.

Dance Party to Support Campaign Against Bullying

Body shaming has sadly become the new “it” way to encourage the obese to lose weight through humiliation and degrading comments. Some have had enough of the bulling tactics of others, and have decided to do something about it. A man named Sean was dancing at a party, when bullies started laughing at him because of his weight. They not only body shamed him in public, but posted photos of him dancing on the internet with a title calling him a “specimen”. Cassandra Fairbanks saw the image and the mean comments posted, and took up Sean’s cause searching until she found out who he was to let him know he has more support than he ever thought was possible. Zeca Oliveira (Noticias.uol.com.br) was happy to learn that word spread across the internet about what these bullies did to Sean, and now a dance party has been started in his honor supporting an anti-bullying campaign. Major celebrities are supporting Sean as well, and over $30,000.00 dollars has been raised.

The World Needs More People Like Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a U.S. philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a New York-based firm that specializes in hedge funds and alternative investments. Mann’s company is committed to connecting their clients with the top quality talent all around the world. The success of Dynamics Search Partners can be traced to long-lasting relationships and partnerships with both clients and partnerships. The company has relationships with several major equity firms, which have brought them much of their success.

He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is virtually an expert in hedge funds, staffing and hiring the best of the best. He launched an alternative investment practice in 2002 after acknowledging the quick growth in the hedge fund industry. He ended up expanding that into the private equity industry in 2009. He knows how to play his cards very well, and his hand has really worked out for him. He fills over 200 client mandates throughout the US, Europe and Asia every year.

Mr. Mann is also very well known for being quite the philanthropist. Dynamics Search Partners works closely with Uncommon Schools, which teaches children the skills they need to succeed up until college, succeed in college and succeed in life in general. The company also donated $10,000 to the school in 2013.

Mann is also largely an advocate of public service. According to cbs8.com, Mann recently had lunch sent over to the 54th precinct of the NYPD. He believes in peaceful protesting, and also believes that the good guys shouldn’t be lumped in with the few bad ones.

The world needs more people like Keith Mann. His want for helping people and animals gives him the drive he needs to maintain a successful business, which is why he is such a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. For all he gets, he gives that much more back.

Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry Leader and Veteran Dr. Mark Ahn Inspires

Mark Ahn is an author, businessman and pioneer in the biotech industry. His professional consulting services has guided many of today’s successful biotech startups. In his 20-year-old career as a consultant and entrepreneur, Mark Ahn has  also helped several of the industry’s top fortune companies.

As a published author, Mark Ahn has penned over fifty peer-reviewed books and journal-style articles. His latest breakthrough research entails an investigative journal with a focus on entrepreneurial success in modern biotechnology. This study explores successful business strategies used in the industry by investors and entrepreneurs alike. He has put emphasis on educating readers about identifying opportunities and cultivating practices to help foster industry success. With Mark Ahn’s guidance on how to avoid failed concepts and the application of strategic planning; entrepreneurs get an opportunity to increase their chance of success. Among Dr. Ahn’s team are respected industry pioneers who share his vision.

Mark Ahn holds a Chaminade University MBA and BA degree. He received an MA  degree after completing his studies at the respected Australia-based Victoria University. He’s also an Essex University graduate who studied Economics during his residency. Mark Ahn has participated in the renowned Aspen Institute endorsed Henry-Crown Fellowship Program. With this esteemed honor, he has become a distinguished entrepreneurial leader. He also holds a UniSA (University-of-South-Australia) Ph.D.

Today, Mark Ahn has his own life-science consulting firm named Pukana Partners, Ltd. He’s the company’s sole proprietor who serves life science organizations as an advisory. He gives consultation and engages in strategic planning to help entrepreneurs cultivate a competitive edge. His market influence encompasses university circles and small-scale to multinational corporations that specialize in biopharmaceutics. Besides this primary function, Dr. Ahn serves Carnegie Mellon and Portland State University as a lecturer.

He has chaired New Zealand-based Victoria University in Wellington and served as Science/Technology Oversight earlier in his career. He’s also a former Genentech, Inc.corporate officer and Hematology VP (Vice President). Mark Ahn has superior expertise in managing biopharmaceutical companies.  He founded Hana Biosciences and served as CEO and president. He’s an esteemed U.S. Army veteran and former key player of top-fortune biotech pharmaceutical industry Amgen Inc./Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Role Models: Laurene Powell Jobs Does Good With What She Haves

How much do you know about Laurene Powell Jobs?

Everyone knows Steve Jobs as one of the original founders of Apple and as the leader who came back and helped revolutionize the company. While he sadly passed a few years ago, his former wife Laurene Powell Jobs continues to live on and is one of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the entire country, despite sitting often in the background. In order to truly understand more about her, it is necessary to look into what all she has done and what she continues to do. 

For starters, Laurene Powell Jobs is the 28th wealthiest individual inside of the United States and she stands as the fourth richest woman in the US as well. While she is currently sitting behind a few other Apple executives in terms of total wealth, her net worth of over $16 billion is nothing to sneeze at. She also is a major donor to many different charities and causes around the world. 

She is one of the largest donors to the Ready for Hillary campaign. This is a donation that puts money towards helping Hillary Clinton in a potential presidential run. So far, she has helped donate and raise over $6 million for the cause. Her political causes are often aligned with education and immigration reform. Beyond this, she is also at the top investor in Disney as she owns 130 million shares. Of course, the majority of these shares are left over from her husband. Steve Jobs had purchased the animation studio Pixar from George Lucas early in the days of the company and he owned it through the production of the original Toy Story. Eventually, Disney purchased the company from Jobs and gave him a large amount of money and shares for the purchase.

Laurene Powell Jobs is an angel investor and sits as the founder and chair of what is known as the Emerson Collective. As a graduate of Stanford, she also helps donate to different educational foundations around the country in order to help improve the overall educational system inside of the United States.