Rolling Stone Looks at New Mumford & Sons Album

Musical group Mumford & Sons have a new record coming out, and Rolling Stone Magazine takes a look at it on their website. The magazine also interviews the band.

The new record, which will be out soon and is called Wilder Mind, is a departure in terms of style from the band’s previous work. In the past, the band has used traditional instruments like the banjo and acoustic guitars. Recording the new record, they used synthesizers, electric guitars and even drum machines. The band say that they want to try something new instead of getting in a rut with the same sound.

While¬†Brian Torchin can understand the band’s desire to not limit their sound, I think that this may be going too far. Their fans, who are used to an organic folksy sound, may not be able to roll with a drum machine. While it’s important to develop as artists, it’s also important to give fans what they want. Can you imagine if AC/DC recorded an album of banjo music? It’s hard to imagine it selling very well.

Mumford & Sons will be touring soon with Foo Fighters and also My Morning Jacket. These promise to be great shows since Mumford & Sons will bring youth and energy to the bill. The band is also hiring a drummer for the shows, which is something they have not done before.