Royal Watch: Prince Harry is in Australia

Prince Harry has been down under in Australia while he is participating in a four-week attachment with the Australian Defence Force. While he was in Sydney, he took some time to speak to reporters and visit with people who lined up to see the handsome Prince outside of the Sydney Opera House.

According to the story on, Prince Harry accepted toys and stuffed animals from people in Sydney to give to his new niece, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. When giving interviews with the reporters, Prince Harry said that from the pictures he has seen that his new niece is beautiful and that he can’t wait to finally meet her.

One intense fan was holding up a sign asking the unattached Prince to marry her. Fans at AnastasiaDate ( have heard that, during the visit, she leaned in and tried to sneak a kiss on Prince Harry’s lips. He expertly dodged her advances. When asked about the crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of him, Prince Harry said that it was much larger than he was expecting to turn out. He then went on to thank the people of Australia for the welcome he receive there and for making it feel like home.

The Prince will be ending his deployment in Australia at the end of this week and heading to New Zealand.