Why Vijay Eswaran Made Forbes Asia’s Heroes Of Philanthropy

QI Group has been one of Asia’s top multilevel marketing companies throughout the last 19 years and much of their establishment in multilevel marketing can be attributed to Vijay Eswaran.

Eswaran has not only helped small businesses thrive and sales markets take off in Asia, he’s also made several lists in Forbes Asia including their 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy list. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Eswaran made the lists because of the work he’s done through the Vijayratnam Foundation and RYTHM. These organizations are all about serving impoverished Asian communities through setting up resources for education, research and public services.

They also work with special needs children and disaster relief organizations such as Red Cross. Eswaran has poured a lot of money back into his community over the course of his career.

Eswaran’s values have been passed down from generation to generation, including from his father who was a living model of sacrificing for the good of others in his work. Eswaran followed in his footsteps as his professional career started budding.

He received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and then spent some time trying various odd jobs including construction and cab driving. He attended grad school at Southern Illinois University and then worked in the marketing departments of several IT corporations.

In the 1990s he started running multilevel marketing and in 1998 he helped start a direct selling conglomerate in Malaysia which soon became known as QI Group.

QI Group has several companies under its wing, but the main direct selling and ecommerce merchant is QNet, a company that sells all products through independent sales representatives. Another key company in QI Group is QI Asset Management, a company that owns several vacation properties and offers financing services.

Vijay Eswaran is also a devout religious man, but his spiritual practices transcend simply religious meanings. They also are intended to help workers focus better in the workplace and learn how to better listen to fellow workers.

He’s written several books about his spiritualism and its value for business leadership including a 2005 bestseller titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.” Eswaran also usually speaks about issues in the Asian economy at the World Economic Forum.

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