Joseph Bismark looks for a new and spiritual way to conduct business


I have heard the name Joseph Bismark a few times through the business grapevine, but knew little about him until I stumbled across the WordPress blog Bring on the Random. I was amazed to find the work of Joseph Bismark brings in various aspects is spirituality and social responsibility that makes me question why more of those at the highest levels of business are not willing to act in similar ways. The QI Group Joseph Bismark is managing director of is not suffering from a lack of success as the founder of the company seeks to improve the way his company does business.

Joseph Bismark has always looked at life a little differently to most people, I have now read much of the youth he spent studying with monks in the Philippines. After leaving the religious world at the age of 17 Bismark embarked on a period of adjustment in his life that led to his co-founding of the QI Group and a corporate life that did not seem to suit the temperament of the executive.

I was impressed by the fact that Bismark decided to not throw in the towel of his business life, but instead found a new way to work within the confines of the corporate life in a way that would assist him in the future. Bismark took the chance to become a motivational speaker and search for ways to conduct business in a new and more socially conscious way. I feel we can all learn from the work of Bismark in caring for his employees and knowing that when his business associates are happy the customers they serve are usually happy too.