Eric Pulier: Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist

Have you ever noticed that many of the most famous people in the world are professional athletes and entertainers such as movie stars and singers? Of course these people have talent, but how many of them truly makes a difference in people’s lives? I’m very sure not too many, but it seems like the individuals who does the most for society gets overlooked and Eric Pulier is one of those individuals. Though he may not be a household name, Eric Pulier is a true American Hero and this is why.

When it comes to coming up with new ideas, putting the ideas into action, and providing solutions for specific issues, Eric Pulier stands at the top of hill. This guy has a brilliant mind and he goes about in in a brilliant way. Mr. Pulier is known as a philanthropist, businessman, technologist, guest speaker, investor, and entrepreneur. There isn’t anything he can’t do, but he uses his intellect to his advantage. Being such a huge success in a wide variety of fields has made him very wealthy. Often times when the majority of people finds a little success, that person keeps it all to himself. It’s different with Pulier because his heart is too big. He’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in numerous start-up companies whom have gone on to become a huge success of their own. He’s invested millions in capital venture funds as well. One of his biggest accomplishments comes from being chosen to build the ‘Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. The event was a huge hit as it was televised live on many popular news channels. Members of congress, political insiders, and the general public attended this grand event.

Eric Pulier has some of the best business sense of any person. Having a Harvard Degree is nothing to be shy about and his savvy business since has helped in go on to become a founder of fifteen companies. The guy just seems to be all over the board and is very well rounded. To this day, Pulier’s presence in helping others is far greater than any athlete or entertainer has ever achieved in life.

Shaygan Kheradpir Successfully Manages Teams Of Employees

Known for his exceptional expertise in the technology field, Shaygan Kheradpir and his innovative teams remain influential leaders in the competitive corporate sector. As a former employee at GTE Laboratories, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks, this prominent figure embodies excellence, talent, and, commitment in all of his executive pursuits. In addition, he is the forerunner in merging creative ideas with product developments in order to propel a company to new levels of prosperity. Most prominently, Kheradpir’s primary objective is to train and manage highly talented and experienced teams who work tirelessly to construct proprietary programs and systems.

After graduating from Cornell University with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet accepted his first job at GTE Laboratories where he gained insight into technology management. As an entry-level director, he was responsible for overseeing network routing and system controls and, according to The Wall Street Journal, he earned profound respect for delivering new products in a timely manner.

Approximately ten years after he was employed at GTE Laboratories, the company partnered with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon in 2000. Following this merger, Kheradpir was promoted to as the president of the e-business division before assuming the title of Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. As the head technology director, this prominent executive was presented with the opportunity to manage about 7,000 employees who were instructed to create ideas and test prototypes which would ultimately lead to the implementation of the products into the company’s business model. Because of the department’s high demand for new technological developments, the staff often worked long hours to satisfy month quotas. Remarkably, Kheradpir’s innovative teams greatly contributed to the launch of the Verizon One, Verizon FiOs fiber optics, and iobi. In addition, his group revolutionized the corporations existing telecommunication systems including the website, automated customer service program, and the call center as well as integrated operations from predecessor companies NYNEX, GTE, and Bell Atlantic.

Along with training teams at Verizon, Kheradpir also led innovative groups at Barclays where he served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank from 2011 to 2014. Amazingly, with his guidance, these innovative employees created many customer service products such as Pingit which is an accessible mobile payments application. His profound management ultimately influenced his promotion to Chief Operations and Technology Officer where he reported to Antony Jenkins, who was then the Chief Executive Officer of Barclays for approximately three years.

In January 2014, Kheradpir resigned from Barclays and joined Juniper Networks a couple of weeks after his departure. Notably, he continued on his product development drive and managed a team of employees who formed an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) to adhere to the needs of activist investors. Essentially, this concept was designed to assist professionals in increasing dividends, mitigating unnecessary expenses, and purchasing stock. Following this renowned innovation, Kheradpir voluntarily left the company to devote more attention to his board interests including YMCA of Great New York and Cornell University Engineering Council.

Netflix Smashes Subscriber Estimates and Bets the Bank on Original Programming

In the first quarter of 2015 Netflix has already raked in a record 4.9 million subscribers sending their stock skyrocketing nearly 25%. The digital underdog is setting a pace that has most television executives shaking in their boots. So what’s next for the company that’s leaving linear TV in the dust? The answer is quite simple: much, much more original programming.

The newest original release, Daredevil, is number 17 for Netflix in just three short years. Netflix has become an entertainment staple based on more than just syndicating network TV. They’ve built their reputation in the industry as a leader by providing high quality, original programming to the masses online.

Cable-cutters everywhere will jump for joy to learn that Netflix is rolling out a full 320 hours worth of original series in 2015. That’s close to three times as much as all of last year.

It appears that Netflix is banking their future on providing a plethora of programming choices for their customers. The type of original shows they provide run the gamut from wholesome family fun to scintillating, violent drama.

Their only real competition in the digital market at this point is HBO Now, a favorite of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. (Economia) The new service from HBO requires no cable or satellite contract. The competition from these two entertainment vendors is sure to drive quality and creativity through the roof as they battle for market share online.

North American Spine Continue To Be Leaders

If an athlete wakes up in a lot of pain, they are already in trouble for the day. An athlete needs to be in tiptop shape, especially if they play professional sports. Even if an athlete does not play professionally, they may play for a school team, or they may even play for fun. Any athlete that is having neck and back pain, may face a great deal of pain when they play their game. Playing a game in pain, can be excruciating, especially in games that last for hours. Just imagine having pain over and over, for hours throughout the day.

Some athletes will take a pain pill or two, before they have to hit the field, or go onto the court to play their game. No matter what game an athlete plays, a pain pill will only go so far, and they may experience pain, while playing the game. Many athletes cannot stop and take a pain pill, especially if they are in the middle of a game. Some athletes will then have to play through the pain, which makes the pain even more unbearable. It’s not necessary to suffer from neck and back pains, especially if there is a cure.

Many who have suffered from excruciating neck and back pain, found relief from their pain at North American Spine. North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, but there are many other facilities available to those in other areas. No matter which North American Spine facility an athlete chooses, they can choose to be pain free, by visiting the facilities. Pain is something that can be managed, but it’s better to cure the pain altogether. Many athletes will continue to suffer from pain, because they don’t want to interrupt their game in any way.

Some may not understand that the pain itself, is interrupting the game, not the solution. It’s best to get a permanent solution to any pain that an athlete may be feeling, and this can be achieved with the AccuraScope procedure. The AccuraScope procedure can be performed in about 45 minutes, and the patient can recover at home. It’s possible for a patient to be pain free, if the procedure is performed and its successful. Many have success from the AccuraScope procedure, and most patients would recommend that others suffering from neck and back pain, receive the procedure as well. Try North American Spine today.