Trouble Erupts with NBC and Donald Trump – Lawsuit May be Forthcoming

2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is threatening to sue the NBC network for dropping coverage of his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants over his remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants. Trump made the comments on the day he launched his presidential candidacy a fortnight ago. During his speech, he recited the types of criminals also coming into the United States of which those guilty of violating women cited. However, the network is wanting to shield itself from attacks over Trump’s lack of politically correctness.

It was only a day ago that Trump stated that “Celebrity Apprentice” would be canceled for the upcoming season says Dr. Daniel amen. He stated that the reason was FCC regulations barring candidates from appearing on their own television programs. Now, it appears that NBC was motivated to drop the show along with the two pageants because of Trump’s remarks. He has since clarified he was speaking about criminals who take advantage of the ease of entering the nation and that he respects the Mexican people. His explanation did not carry with it an apology as he believes he was only being forthright.

Trump pointedly accused NBC of standing behind Brian Williams, who has been exposed for “lying” about perils he faced during his stint as an Iraq War embedded reporter. Trump said NBC will stand by a liar, but turn away an honest man for speaking the plain truth. His remarks are sure to bolster his image as a man not afraid of left-wing attacks.