The Elastic NuoDB’s Database Technology

Looking for a database system that is simple yet diverse, continuously available yet absolutely functional? The NuoDB is the software company to consider. It is a New Structured Query Language (SQL) code used by the cloud applications that helps databases to have more capacity, quick processing even under multiple commands, guaranteed information security, and scalability. It has been developed in a way that the traditional SQL features are incorporated with other accessories to keep up with the trends especially in the customer demands.

NuoDB help in developing new cloud applications, improving the existing applications to be in style and other instances allow applications to be moved to the cloud app since they are compatible. The storage, administrative and transactional unit have been well harmonized using the in-memory caches for information management and security. The MVCC control overruns the peer-to-peer communication used in getting activities done. The system is ACID Compliant.

About NuoDB
It was originally NimbusDB in 2008 when it was formed but later change to NuoDB in 2011 after acquiring its patent right. The co-founders were Barry Morris, the company CEO and Jim Starkey the software inventor and the NuoDB’s strategic system advisor. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The United Arab Emirate Exchange uses NuoDB database technology in its operation.

Avaaz Works Towards a Better World

Avaaz, a US-based organization, that promotes global activism on issues like climate change, human rights, and animal rights. The name was chosen because it is Persian for the word “voice” or “song.” The group was co-founded by several groups and individuals united for the purpose to create a better world. Two of the groups that helped to start Avaaz were Res Publica and Some of the individual co-founders were Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello (former Virginia Congressman), and Tom Pravda.

Ricken Patel serves as the founding president and executive director of Avaaz. He received his formal education at Oxford University, studying politics, philosophy, and economics. He worked for an International Crisis Group, learning how to mediate rebel forces in countries, like Sierra Leone, Libya, and Sudan. Through his volunteer experience with, he learned how to inspire activism through online tools. He has used his experience to help move Avaaz forward.

Avaaz conducts global campaigns in over 30 countries. They use a variety of tools to conduct campaigns, like email your leader tools, sit ins, rallies, and media friendly stunts. There is no set ideology for the group rather a “goal.” They want to take action to better the world. Their actions are generally considered progressive, like action on global warming or better support for refugees. They work to better the world through campaigns to help civil uprising or promote free speech against unjust actions. For example, they worked to help protesters load videos through proxy servers during the 2009 elections.

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Pathways Offers Hope to Cancer Patients at CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has implemented a new integrated technology system that allows clinical decision support tech to flow with the electronic health record. The CTCA has partnered with NANT Health and AllScripts to roll out this new type of tech to help deliver more support to cancer patients. The Clinical Pathways programs allows the physician to receive real time data on treatment outcomes and does not interrupt the flow of information.

Pathways presents all treatment outcomes to improve the patient’s outcome. Patients are able to see the different options and weight the best treatment for them. The latest research and clinical options are integrated to give the patient the best possible outcome. This treatment platform offers numerous benefits. Custom treatment for the specific patient, treatment option comparisons, access to up to date information on treatment, and other information flow updates. This pathway opens the door for cancer patients and allows them the best option for the best outcome.

Pathways always helps clinicians to reduce the variability in treatments, showing inefficiencies among certain groups. This reduction in inefficiencies gives the quality care patients need at a critical time. This Pathways program is available for each patient at all of the CTCA five locations across the states.

Cancer Center Treatment of America is a Florida-based cancer treatment group, operating out of five hospitals. Their goal and focus is on adult cancer and treatment. They integrate genetic and precision treatment to offer their patients the cutting edge care needed to beat these aggressive diseases.

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Highland Capital Doubles Down on Nexpoint

Highland Capital Management seems to have increased its position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies up to 793,036 shares, recent SEC filings confirm. This increase in shares boosts Highland’s stake in Nexpoint to $11.68 million, making Highland Capital the second most involved investor to date.


Nexpoint Credit Strategies spun away from Nexpoint Residential Trust and they became two separate entities in March of last year. The change forced Highland Capital’s hand in deciding how to hedge risks and increase equity, allowing them to take part in Nexpoint’s portfolio which is valued at an approximate $600 million.


Part of Nexpoint’s valuable profile is the strategies the company has chosen to follow since the split last spring. On its own, Nexpoint has continued to collect real estate assets though Highland Real Estate Capital REIT. This has placed a great deal of the fund’s holdings under Highland Capital or James Dondero himself.


Nexpoint’s year to date 5.92%. This is in spite of losses the company suffered in 2015, the result of setbacks in Texas Competitive Electronics which caused a decling in high yield credit markets. But growth seems to be the current track Nexpoint is on right now. Recently the company has increased dividends by $.24 a share, noting their increase in value to investors that will be payable at the end of the month.


About James Dondero:


James Dondero graduated form the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia with a double major in Accounting and Finance. This led to a certification as a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst, preparing him for a career in the financial sector.


After a time at Morgan Guearanty as an analyst, Dondero joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst, then moved on to become a Portfolio Manager. Four years later Dondero found himself at Protective life, working as their Chief Investment Officer, placing him in charge of more than $2 billion in company assets. With this accumulated experience and knowledge in hand, Dondero went on to found Highland Capital Management, where he continues to serve as President of his firm, servicing clients in Austin, Texas with a team of qualified financial experts.


QNET Welcomes The Ban On Pyramid Schemes

There has been a great deal of confusion around direct selling, multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes concepts in India. Following the arrest of William Scott Pinckney, Amway India Managing Director and CEO, and other executives on allegations of duping people to join their direct selling schemes, there has been a need to distinguish between these three marketing concepts.

At a time when pyramid schemes have been banned in India, QNET’S Head, Corporate Affairs Ajay Chanam attempts to demystify the three concepts. Chanam begins by clarifying that the correct name for the industry is direct selling. Direct marketing has nothing to do with direct selling. It is a part of the advertising industry.

Chanam fully supports the move to ban pyramid schemes. According to him, this will not only benefit legitimate direct selling companies but also help people save their money. Pyramid schemes that operate under the guise of direct selling are spoiling the industry’s name for the rest of the legitimate direct selling companies. Chanam sees a need to come up with legislation that distinguishes illegal pyramid schemes from legitimate direct selling companies.

Pyramid schemes are companies which give commissions to distributors who are able to bring new distributors into the network. The name pyramid is coined from the fact that the initiators and those who joined the network earlier earn the most, while those who recently joined earn the least. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products to consumers directly with no retailers involved. Those who join are able to enjoy the products at a discount. They can also earn a commission for selling the products to other people, and enjoy commissions when the products are consumed or promoted by people they have brought into the network.

Chaman outlines a few differences between direct selling and pyramid schemes. Direct selling companies have a limit on the number of people who can actually earn a commission from a sale. This evens out the field for all the members. However, pyramid schemes have those at the top earning most of the money and those at the bottom earning the least. QNet also has an India-centric website.

Direct selling companies like QNET do not give commissions to members who only recruit new members. Recruitment is not a requirement for earning commission. Pyramid schemes only give commissions to those who successfully recruit new members.

Pyramid schemes don’t have actual products and services. Direct selling companies invest a considerable amount of time and resources in developing quality products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

Pyramid schemes are get-rich-quick schemes. Direct selling, on the other hand, is a genuine business that appreciates the fact that it requires time and effort to get real results.

QNet: Direct Selling and NOT MLM

QNet wants to make sure everyone in India knows that the company runs things in an “above board” manner. The management of QNet has taken numerous steps to help establish the honesty and integrity of the company. Some might find this odd behavior as few businesses are this proactive when it comes to reputation management. Undertaking a campaign in India to prove QNet remains in compliance with all laws and is completely transparent definitely is proactive. In a way, QNet has to take steps of this nature. The multi-level marketing industry in India does not have the best reputation. QNet is roped into the MLM controversy even though QNet does not follow the MLM pyramid structure.

For those first learning about QNet, it is necessary to point out that the e-commerce company employs a direct selling model. This type of business arrangement utilizes affiliate sellers to promote retail sales at a remote location removed from a retail store. The merchandise is then delivered to the customer after purchasing and the seller receives a commission. Motivated sellers could end up making a lucrative income through being diligent with their sales endeavors.

The MLM industry also has a number of exceptional sellers and honest businesses. Sadly, the MLM world is rife with problems due to certain companies exploiting the pyramid scheme model. In this model, members are constantly trying to recruit new members to promote products. In some cases, only the people at the top of the chain make money and those way down the line fail to earn much, if anything.

Even though QNet avoid any attempts at trying to follow a MLM strategy, the public does not always know the difference between the way e-commerce businesses operate. So, QNet is being very forward in its attempts to separate itself from other businesses operating in India. QNet has also been very outspoken about wanting the Indian government to increase its oversight of the industry. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

Why is QNet going to all this trouble? Basically, QNet is making some very huge investments in the Indian market and does not want to see any problems arise. QNet is moving forward with intentions to relocate the totality of its manufacturing in India. That is a big move and the last thing the company wants is to see its name besmirched for no reason.

QNet also has designs on expanding niche marketing strategies in India. Doing so could prove lucrative and another reason the company wants no problems in the market.

Invest at Any Time in Life With BRL Trust

Investing is a skill that may take an entire lifetime for someone to master. Many people they will need to invest carefully at all stages of their life. A young person will need to begin saving money as soon as they have a job in order to lay down the foundations of their life such as the ability to start a family and buy the kind of house they like. Someone who is in mid-career will find that saving and investing is important as it allows them to be able to have a healthy nest egg on hand that provides them with the ability to buy important items in life such as a new car in the event that their prior vehicle has broken down. A person who is facing the later stages of life will need to make sure that they have enough money on hand to retire easily.

Many people find this task extremely complex and even somewhat daunting. This is why they will often turn to investment professionals for help along the way. A skilled investment advisor can be useful at all stages in life. They can show the person just starting out how even a small amount of money can land them big rewards over time. Officials at investment firms such as BRL Trust can also provide them with a substantial nest egg how to continue to grow their savings and make sure that they have an even larger and more impressive portfolio. The investor may also consult with officials at the trust if they are considering other aspects of investing such as directly investing in a specific business. The skilled staffers here offer comprehensive guidance that allows the investor to fully meet all of their own individual investing needs. BRL Trust was written about by

Any investor will also want to make sure that they have a diverse portfolio that allows to take advantage of all potential market opportunities. This is where working with BRL Trust can be ideal. The investor who is able to work with BRL Trust will be able to help expand into Brazilian markets and gain access to one of the world’s fast growing economies. Brazil is the world’s firth largest nation by area. Situated in the very center of South America, the nation has borders with many other South American nations, making it easy for the investor to expand into both Brazil and many other neighboring Latin American markets at the same time. Officials at BRL Trust can show investor how to take advantage of this fact and use their existing portfolio to successfully expand into this region of the world. Doing so can allow the investor to enjoy a very high rate of return.

Who is Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career by working at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He worked then worked at the Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. Here, he worked for a total of ten years and earned the position as Sheriff’s Detective. This field of work allowed him to analyze and see the perspective of those accused, to get a much better understanding of the law. He worked on all types of cases ranging from drug busts to auto mobile accidents. He was later recognized for all the work he contributed in this line of work with awards from the Marshall. Dan Newlin then went to law school in 1997 at the Florida State College of Law. He finished his degree in 2000. One special aspect to Newlin is that he is a licensed law practitioner in the states of Illinois and Florida where he has two offices.

He started out his career by himself and has successfully built it to what it is today as a large firm offering plenty of personalized legal services in two different states. His law firm has recovered over $150 million in accident and injury cases for victims. His team includes eighteen very experienced attorneys that go from Board Certified Surgeons, to Former State Prosecutors, to even a board-certified thirty year trial attorneys. His firm employs over 75 people currently. His team focuses on all types of cases, whether it is a personal injury, auto accident, wrongful death, and so forth. His team is completely dedicated into getting the best outcome for clients. Dan Newlin and his lawyers are not just invested in the winnings of the case but also the best interest for their client. They truly want the best for their clients and making sure they are getting the best treatment that they can give. Dan Newlin is an exceptional personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin and his firm staff are highly qualified lawyers who take their job seriously. They do not take their clients for granted and strive to be their best. His success can be clearly seen in the spread of his firm in two totally different states. Dan Newlin has worked hard so that his name and firm is a reputable, trusted law firm that people can come to who have serious problems. They are honest and trustworthy and will tell you how it is. They have no interest in hurting their clients. Recently they have started opening up to helping cases involving falsely accused crimes, and so forth. They offer a plethora of legal services for their clients. You are going to want the best to represent you when going to court. Dan Newlin and his team truly are the best when it comes to handling these kinds of matters.

First Responder Gets Engaged To Victim He Saved

Almost three years ago, a man who works as a emergency responder came to a crime seen to find a woman who had been stabbed over 30 times by her angry and homicidal former boyfriend. The responder, named Cameron Hill had stated that the woman who is called Melissa Dohme was barely recognizable by the time that he had found her. She was taken to the hospital immediately and spent several weeks recovering from the accident, and then became a motivational speaker as she started traveling around the world. Dohme and Hill reunited many months later and began to spend more time with one another creating a courtship. Over the last year or so they became more serious about their dating, and this was even more apparent Monday night at the Tampa Bay baseball game according to some friends of mine from Madison Street Capital.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Blaze, Dohme was asked to throw the first pitch of the game and right as she was about to do it, Hill gave her a baseball that he had written a proposal on. While standing on the pitchers mound, she of course said yes and now the two of them will be married in the near future. This really is a lovely story, as they certainly have a unique history with one another, but it will be one thing that will bond them together forever and for always.

Bullying Is Just Another Form of Abuse

According to an article in the LA Times, bullying by peers can cause worse long term effects on mental health than abuse by a parent figure or other adult. This is according to results from a study done by British scientists, using data from England and America. Brazilian businessman Fersen Lambranho believes that bullying can be stopped.

I experienced bullying because of neglect at home. My mother, an indoor chain-smoker, rarely did laundry or awoke to dress me for school. My clothes smelled stale and looked dingy. It was in the third grade, when kids started to notice that I was diffrent. As a result, I hated lining up at the classroom door. I always hung back as the line formed, hoping that my stillness and silence would save me just once. Finally, the inevitable moment, when one of my tormentors caught my eye and bumped into me a bit too hard.

“Ew,” he yelled as he tapped the pretty girl in front of him, adding, “No backsies.”
Like a stadium wave, “no backsies,” made its way to the other end of the line.

As a result of my childhood experience, I deal with depression and anxiety daily. I lack confidence in social situations and choose to isolate myself more than I would like. Bullying is just another form of damaging abuse, which no child need endure. Parents and teachers need to actively prevent bullying through education and awareness.