Andy Wirth looks to increase passengers passing through Reno Airport

The Reno Airport Authority Board has confirmed it has appointed a new chairman and three new board members, which sees Andy Wirth of the Squaw valley Ski resort taking up the role of chairman. The Sierra Sun Times reports Wirth has a large amount of experience dealing with the expansion of air travel to different areas of North America through his previous roles in expanding tourist areas. The CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski resort has been serving on the board of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority since 2013 and will now bring his experience in international resort management to the bid to expand the services offered by Reno Airport.

The new faces added to the Reno Airport Authority Board are designed to add a wealth of experience and new ideas about how to expand the services offered and improve the customer experience at the airport. Andy Wirth brings a large amount of experience to the board as he has already worked on the development of airports in Canada, Utah and Colorado over the course of his career. The expert in resort management is also hoping to make sure a wide range of options are considered by the board as they look to build the image of the airport as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. Areas of focus for the airport appear to include building on the reputation of the area as a popular one for those seeking the best in winter sports and gaming options. Andy Wirth believes the success of the airport will add to the all around success of the region in the future.

Incorporating Olympic Valley Is A Bad Idea

It seems like the people of Olympic Valley would like to have their say when it comes to the idea of possibly incorporating their small town. As it turns out though, there may be more resistance to the idea than support for it. 

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the problem for Olympic Valley is just how small it is. There are fewer than 1,000 people who are permanent residents of the area. That hurts the case for incorporation because it is unlikely that so few people could generate enough tax revenue to keep things up and running. 

Olympic Valley of course once hosted the Olympics and is a popular tourist spot, mostly because of Squaw Valley Ski and its CEO Andy Wirth. The bulk of the tax revenue that it currently makes are from taxes levied on hotels and entertainment for outsiders who are visiting. It is a cash cow for the little area, but likely would still not be enough to justify making this place a standalone city. 

Residents of Olympic Valley have been pushing for it to become incorporated for a number of years. Many of them feel that it is their right to have a city that they can call their own, and they do not like feeling as though they have to be dictated to as to what to do on various matters. 

The fact is that Olympic Valley residents are pushing for incorporation while people in the surrounding areas are saying it is probably not a good idea. The battle between the two is something that has risen to epic proportions in some cases. 

Many have the feeling that this area ought to remain a part of the larger surrounding Tahoe community. If it does, at least then it will have the support system that it requires to stay around and remain vibrant. 

For those hoping that Olympic Valley may one day be its own little incorporated city, they probably have to hold off on those dreams for a while longer. There is just no use in pretending that this place is going to sustain itself for the long run. There are too many ways in which the plan is not feasible