Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry Leader and Veteran Dr. Mark Ahn Inspires

Mark Ahn is an author, businessman and pioneer in the biotech industry. His professional consulting services has guided many of today’s successful biotech startups. In his 20-year-old career as a consultant and entrepreneur, Mark Ahn has  also helped several of the industry’s top fortune companies.

As a published author, Mark Ahn has penned over fifty peer-reviewed books and journal-style articles. His latest breakthrough research entails an investigative journal with a focus on entrepreneurial success in modern biotechnology. This study explores successful business strategies used in the industry by investors and entrepreneurs alike. He has put emphasis on educating readers about identifying opportunities and cultivating practices to help foster industry success. With Mark Ahn’s guidance on how to avoid failed concepts and the application of strategic planning; entrepreneurs get an opportunity to increase their chance of success. Among Dr. Ahn’s team are respected industry pioneers who share his vision.

Mark Ahn holds a Chaminade University MBA and BA degree. He received an MA  degree after completing his studies at the respected Australia-based Victoria University. He’s also an Essex University graduate who studied Economics during his residency. Mark Ahn has participated in the renowned Aspen Institute endorsed Henry-Crown Fellowship Program. With this esteemed honor, he has become a distinguished entrepreneurial leader. He also holds a UniSA (University-of-South-Australia) Ph.D.

Today, Mark Ahn has his own life-science consulting firm named Pukana Partners, Ltd. He’s the company’s sole proprietor who serves life science organizations as an advisory. He gives consultation and engages in strategic planning to help entrepreneurs cultivate a competitive edge. His market influence encompasses university circles and small-scale to multinational corporations that specialize in biopharmaceutics. Besides this primary function, Dr. Ahn serves Carnegie Mellon and Portland State University as a lecturer.

He has chaired New Zealand-based Victoria University in Wellington and served as Science/Technology Oversight earlier in his career. He’s also a former Genentech, Inc.corporate officer and Hematology VP (Vice President). Mark Ahn has superior expertise in managing biopharmaceutical companies.  He founded Hana Biosciences and served as CEO and president. He’s an esteemed U.S. Army veteran and former key player of top-fortune biotech pharmaceutical industry Amgen Inc./Bristol-Myers Squibb.