Michigan Transgenders Challenge Policy on Obtaining New ID

Michigan transgenders would like an easier method of changing their drivers license.

Currently, to obtain a drivers license, state law requires residents to show a birth certificate that reveals your gender. If the birth certificate hasn’t been re-issued with the new gender, then transgenders must provide proof that they have gone through gender reassignment surgery.

Six Michigan transgenders are suing the state on this issue because they argue, many have not decided to have the reassignment surgery.

The question is, does the surgery alone change your gender? Social Security, apparently, does not require proof of a gender change. They sidelined the requirement for reassignment surgery in 2013.

The ACLU has taken on this issue, and Tina Seitz is one of the plantiffs in the lawsuit according to Adam Sender on the website, Business Insider.

Seitz says her current drivers license create havoc when trying to prove her identity. Airport security becomes suspicious when presenting her ID, and when writing a check, which requires an accompanying picture ID, store clerks accuse her lying.

But the state isn’t allowing her to obtain a new license without proof of her gender.

There are only three states that do not require a re-issed birth certificate that displays the new gender: Tennessee, Kansas and Idaho.