Julie Zuckerberg: Executive Talent Acquisition Lead

Julie Zuckerberg works in Human Resources in the New York City area. Currently, she works for Deutsche Bank. She has previously worked for New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Bank. Before working in HR for banks, she was the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson, a recruitment company, working to recruit attorneys, paralegals, and case managers for temporary and temp-to-perm positions at various law firms, corporations, and financial institutions.

Zuckerberg graduated from Brooklyn College at the City University of New York with a degree in Philosophy. She also attended New York Law School.

For six years, Zuckerberg was the Vice President and Executive Recruiter for Citi Bank. During her time there, she managed their recruitment process, partnered with senior management to analyze client needs, and provided full life-cycle recruiting and talent strategy planning. After Citi Bank, she worked for four months as the Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company, where she also managed their recruitment process and collaborated with senior management to address client needs.

For the last few years, Zuckerberg has gone on to do similar work for Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank, she has been successful in collaborating with business leaders within the fields of private wealth, commercial clientele, asset management, and global technologies in order to drive regional talent acquisition and improve the recruitment process. Additionally, she partnered with hiring managers and business partners to assess strategies for internal mobility and agency development.

Skills Zuckerberg has acquired during her time in the workforce includes talent management, talent acquisition, corporate recruiting, team leadership, technical recruiting, executive staffing, conflict resolution, human resources, employee training, coaching, management, change management, interviewing, succession planning, among a great deal of others.

In addition to her work, Zuckerberg also cares about various causes such as animal welfare, arts and culture, civil right and social action, economic empowerment, human rights, and science and technology.

Overall, it seems Julie Zuckerberg is successful in the fields of human resources and talent acquisition for banks as well as law firms. She is very experienced, with over 14 years of work under her belt, and is definitely a capable business woman.

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most experienced recruiters in the industry. She has spent 14 years establishing a name for herself. Certainly, her contributions have been appreciated as she has been an integral part in making sure business process run more smoothly. She is well-versed in her field due to her lengthy experience as a professional. Zuckerberg went to the City University of New York-Brooklyn College and New York Law School.


She has experience as a Hire Recruiter Lead for New York Life Insurance Company. Her role here was to be a client relationship lead for all experienced hire roles throughout the Agency business nationwide. She managed the recruitment process, outsourcing teams consisting of sources, recruiters, and team project management. In addition, she was the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, NA Professional and Executive Recruiter for Citi Bank. At Citi Bank, she provided full life-cycle recruiting for Director and managing Director roles for Citi Cards and Citi Global consumer marketing and Internet Office. Additionally, she advised senior business leaders on recruiting strategies, competitive markets, talent, and compensation trends. Zuckerberg was also the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson. Here, she recruited attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and support staff for temporary to permanent positions with law firms, corporations, and financial institutions.


Currently, Zuckerberg is the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead: Private, Wealth, and Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO at Deutsch Bank since November 2015. Deutsch Bank provides commercial and investment banking, retail banking, transaction banking, and asset and wealth management products and services. This is provided to corporations, governments, institutional investors, small and medium-sized businesses, and private individuals. Zuckerberg’s goal at Deutsch is to collaborate with business leaders within Private Wealth and Commercial Clients Asset management and Global Technology and Operations to drive regional talent acquisition strategies and recruitment process improvements.


Julie Zuckerberg has been a strong force in strengthening the process of businesses. Her skills as a recruiter and as a leader has allowed her to make decisions that has been the most beneficial to the businesses she has partnered with. Her successful career as a recruiter can be contributed to her dedication, persistence, and passion for the job.



Doe Deere Colors Her World Brightly

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere considers make up a “journey of discovery and experimentation” in fun. Her cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics line began painting the world in bright colors in 2008.

Named on of Self-Made magazine’s 2014 Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs, the Russian born Deere originally named Xenia Vorotova, continues to take the fashion world by brightly hued storm. She started out on Ebay, selling her handmade fashions in 2004. It’s her makeup line, launched four years later though, that thrust her to the forefront of the cosmetics industry. She now runs the company with husband Mark Dumbelton, who serves as the company’s president.

Her playful attitude toward make up encourages experimentation. She told Galore magazine that’s it’s not about “looking good” for her, but about fun. That’s an attitude she’s embraced since her first brush with make up at nine years old. At a friend’s sleepover she applied witchy makeup to she and two friends – dark pink eyeshadow and crookedly applied winged eye liner and lip gloss. The threesome was conjuring spirits and Deere felt the makeup would add to the ritual.

Deere considers social media an important part of the “entrepreneurial journey.” She says her favorite aspect is the immediate feedback social media provides. Her brand retains a strong connection to its customers, who she calls “unicorns.”

“To me, unicorns are people who were born different, are aware of it and proud. I think it takes a very specific kind of a person to rock the shades we produce — someone brave, someone who loves color, someone who defies expectations. In other words, a true unicorn,” she explained in her Galore interview.

The now New Yorker provides inspiration for a new generation of female entrepreneurs alongside women like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She draws her own inspiration from visionaries with a “fearless sense of style” such as Dita von Teese and her friends Stella Rose and Elena. The fashion maven who became inspired by antics with her good friends still draws her inspiration from the same well – her own backyard, so to speak. She does admit to one male influence though – the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. When shopping for fashions by others she favors Betsy Johnson’s 90s collections and Meadham Kirchhoff and Miu Miu.

In her spare time, Deere writes and performs music. She released an EP, “Supernatural,” in 2008. It spawned three singles, “SF Disco,” “Mona Lisa,” and “One Touch.”

Helane Morrison has what it takes to be an Outstanding Compliance Officer

Helane Morrison is one of those rare individuals within a field that rises above the competition. I have read and examined the life of Morrison and her work as a compliance officer is outstanding. Over the years she has served as an outstanding employee who ensured that her company was on the right track in terms of how they did business.

She has also worked as the head compliance officer for the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). During her time with the SEC she took down “untouchable” CEOs and righted many injustices committed by business and financial companies. In the past, Morrison worked hard to ensure that businesses were held accountable for faulty or illegal practices. She is currently doing the same thing today.

I was amazed at how one woman who was committed to the cause of justice could change so much within the business and financial communities. Morrison made sure that investment companies did not rip people off through bad or shady investment opportunities. I also figured out that her efforts helped to save the financial means of many service personnel and their families.

As I read more about this woman’s life I quickly realized that she did not haphazardly end up in her position. First, Helane went to Northwestern State University in Chicago for Journalism. Later, she completed a law degree at University of California at Berkley. Her education open doors for her that would be important for her success in the future. She worked for many years during the late 80s and early 90s in the legal field.

She gathered much knowledge and information about the financial and legal operations of businesses and investment firms. She later became an attorney before going onto work as a compliance officer with the SEC. Once she arrived at the SEC she was ready to take on the world. She had a 10-year term with the SEC that lasted from the late 90s to the late 2000s.

Currently Morrison continues her work and is constantly active with forums that are needed to help keep corruption and fraud under control within the workplace. I never fully understood how important this woman is to the economy. Her effort and work has helped to turn back a lot of fraud and corruption that could easily cause millions of people to suffer financially.