George Soros Questions Putin’s Syrian Bombing Campaign

Understanding the role of Russia in the continued Syrian conflict with ISIS has been something I have found difficulty in doing, but an article by George Soros for Project Syndicate makes clear the economic goals of Vladimir Putin from the conflict. The article by Soros reveals the problems facing Russia and Putin personally in the coming months, which the 86 year old financial expert states are now the driving force behind the bombing of Syria. Economics were not the original reason for Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict, but the short term nature of the foreign policy strategy of Vladimir Putin has seen him take a chance to ease the potential financial problems of his country.
Putin is currently seeing his own position called into question within Russia for the first time since his rise to power because of a falling standard of living within the powerful country. One of the major issues facing Russia is the base of its power as an oil producing country is being attacked by lowering prices for oil seen around the world. Further issues Forbes billionaire George Soros sees as facing the country of Russia include a national debt that will reach maturity in 2017, which will see repayments made for the first time that will create issues for the economy and Putin personally.

George Soros has seen his own charitable Open Society Foundations recently hit with problems for its work in Russia, which included much of its work being banned because of the work completed to bring democracy to the people of eastern Europe. Soros made his name as a hedge fund specialist establishing his own fund that saw high average growth each year from 1969 to 2011, which has given the financial expert the chance to fund the work he sees as important in maintaining democracy around the world.

The role of Vladimir Putin in the Syrian bombing campaign comes at a time when his personal group of allies in Russia are facing the strain caused by economic sanctions imposed by member states of the European Union. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has not been handled well by German leader Angekla Merkel, who George Soros sees as the leader of the free world after the beginning of the refugee crisis in Europe. The weakness of Europe has been played upon by Putin as he sees the chance to destroy the Union under the weight of refugees flooding the continent from Syria. Continuing to target Syrian civilians is something George Soros and I agree on as providing the best chance for Russia to halt a financial slide by prompting the disintegration of the European Union.