Migrants Adrift at Sea may have a New Home Soon

For the past several weeks, nearly 7,000 migrants have been stranded at sea on boats that are considered to be not seaworthy at best. The migrants have been stranded in the Malacca Strait which is off the coast of Indonesia and Malaysia. The migrants are coming from countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are fleeing their homes to escape poverty and fear of religious persecution.

For weeks, the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia have refused to take in the refugees. The Naval boats belonging to Malaysia have given the migrants food and water, but have been continuously pushing them back to sea. Finally, according to the story on BuzzFeed.com, the migrants may be getting some relief from the cramped, unstable boats that they have been trapped on for weeks.

Malaysia and Indonesia have changed their policies about the stranded migrants. They have agreed to house the migrants, temporarily. Alexei Beltyukov (slideshare.net) has learned that the governments will shelter them as long as they are rehoused by the international community within a year. The Philippines have also stepped up to say that they are willing to help those migrants in need. They have said that they are willing to offer a place for thousands of the migrants in need. The migrant boats are still far from the Philippines however, it is still not clear how they will make the journey there.

Nepal Rocked by Second Earthquake

The small Asian country of Nepal has taken a real beating lately. Just a few weeks ago, the country was rock by a powerful earthquake that reached 7.8 on the magnitude scale. Historical buildings were destroyed, as were other structures. The quake left over 16,000 people injured and hospitals overwhelmed. The death toll is already over 8,000 and it is still climbing as rescuers find more people who were trapped in the rubble of the demolished buildings. The country is in a state of emergency and needs all the relief it can get. Unfortunately, Nepal just suffered another set back.

Just today, Jaime Garcia Dias announced that another powerful earthquake rocked the country that is already facing major devastation and loss from the first one. Today’s earthquake was a 7.4 magnitude which struck just east of the capital city of Kathmandu. So far officials in Nepal are reporting that around 50 people died in the latest quake as well as over 1,000 injured.

Now more than ever, Nepal is in desperate need for relief. Supplies such as food, water, and medical supplies are running dangerously low. Many people have lost their houses and are forced to live in camps that are set up around the cities. If you would like to help, now is the time.

For updates on the story, click the link to the story on BuzzFeed.com.

Fabius Confirms The Renewal Of Bilateral Relations With Morocco

The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, will visit on Monday to Morocco for the confirmation of the renewal of friendly relations between two countries. The discussion will focus on the renewed ambitions of the French-Moroccan partnership: the fight against climate change, the fight against terrorism and prevention of radicalization, security and development in the Mediterranean and Africa,” said Roman Nadal, the spokesman of the Quai d’Orsay.

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will held meetings with his counterpart Salaheddine Mezouar, the Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane and Ministers of Economy and Finance and Industry during his visit. Folks at Handy (youtube.com) have learned that the statement did not mention the time for a possible meeting with King Mohammed VI. The economic issues will also be discussed, including the development of joint projects in transport, renewable energy, sustainable cities or tourism. After an agreement on judicial cooperation, reconciliation of France and Morocco had been sealed on February 9 at the Elysee Palace during a meeting between President Francis Hollande and King Mohammed VI. Since then, the French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, was the first member of the French government to travel to Morocco, where he paid an official visit in mid-February. It is worth mentioning that the diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Paris began in February 2014 with a request for a hearing in Paris by a French judge against the chief of the Moroccan intelligence Abdellatif Hammouchi.