Depressed People Make Themselves More Depressed

According to recent research findings, depression begets depression. In other words, even when the opportunity presents itself to a depressed person to feel better, they rarely take that opportunity. The depressed choose to remain depressed and increase their own despair as time goes by. It would seem that a person who suffers with depression would want to decrease their sadness, but their behavior reveals the opposite is true.

Research conducted at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel conducted tests on 61 females who had been diagnosed with clinical depression, Those tests included looking at various images of sad, happy and neutral photos and listening to music selections which included sad, happy and neutral songs. The majority of the depressed women choose to view the sad photos longer and listen to sad music longer than all other images and music combined.
When given choices to look at happy images and listen to happy upbeat music that would help lift their mood, those in depression chose not too. Those at Madison Street Capital found that pretty interesting. Researchers were surprised by the choices of the test subjects, especially since the already depressed test subjects were aware that sad images and sad music would make them feel even more depressed. Depressed people make themselves even more depressed on purpose.

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