End Citizen United And Its Reforms

End Citizen United is an organization that was set to shove reforms in the scene of the campaign finance system. The group through their pragmatic leaders have made a lot of contribution up to $4 million within the year of 2017. The organization has set its strategies and has collected $35 million to finance the projects of campaigns. The money was used to fund the campaign of Congress Party that was carried out in the year 2018. The amount contributed by the group is much more than the amount that had been raised by the Political Action Committee (PAC) in the past years.

In the year 2016, Political Action Committee (PAC) collected $25 million. This shows the commitment of the End Citizen United organization in the agenda of running its set objectives. There are required measures that have been integrated into the system of the End Citizen United that drive the organization to the expected niche. All these measures are dictated by the team of the expert to make the goals flow along the line of expectation. More than 100,000 people took part in the contribution of the money that was used in the run of the campaign for the year 2016 through Political Action Committee (PAC). After the set of the End Citizen United, a lot of people demonstrated much interest in becoming part of the group through their contribution. The team made an effort of contributing $ 500,000 fund that was channelled for the campaigns of the Democrat candidate that was based in the Georgia. The chief reason for raising the amount was to strengthen the efforts of the Jon Ossoff campaign team, and the group made an enormous contribution of $4 million.

End Citizen United came up after the decision by the Supreme Court that allowed the organization to push its agenda of collecting the money to fund campaigns of the various candidates. The key contributors that play a significant role in raising the fund are the institutions that run substantial businesses. End Citizen United is one of the groups that were established and allowed for urge citizens to contribute to the campaigns. Additionally, organization operates without any limits and has shown its dedication by being a member of the campaign-finance groups that are registered in the United States. The membership contribution within the organization is restricted to be within the range of $5,000. As a campaign-finance group member, the team dedicated its time in convincing the senators who benefited from the Devos’ fund to vote in Betsy Devos. James Bopp who is the resident of Indiana is the founder of the group.

End Citizen United through the ideal leadership and the team of experts have demonstrated a lot in financing various campaign candidates in the United States.

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