End Citizens United Fights For The Wishes Of The Majority

Big Money in the political field has changed the playing field substantially. Fast forward into the future, things are expected to get worse if the current situation is not corrected early enough, and efforts are put into the establishment of normalcy in the system. People are investing in political environment, and this is done to satisfy personal needs rather than national goodwill.

The founders of Citizens United presented their case in court, and the group was allowed to use unlimited amounts of untraceable cash in the campaign process. As a result, this situation made private organizations and external governments to start investing in the campaign system of the United States. According to Jason Crow, it is his responsibility to ensure that any future donations from Super Political Action Committees do not end up in the hands of politicians.

Jason Crow is a Democrat, and he intends to take his fight for power to the doorstep of Mike Coffman, who is a Republican, and a great campaigner of using Big Money in the political arena. The acceptance donations from Super PAC’s is mostly associated with Republicans, and therefore, they are the beneficiaries of the scam. In the recent legislative elections, it is believed that Russia invested in the success of Donald Trump, and such an action will interfere with the political decision that will be made by such a leader as he will always feel indebted to those who helped him win.

When countries start investing in the campaign systems of other nations, it creates a precarious situation as it overruns the whole idea of democracy. The accountability of a politician should not be to those who helped him achieve his victory, but it should be all people of the country. Democracy should be allowed to play its role in a state, and the failure to implement stringent rules that ensure the will of citizens are respected violates the wishes of the electorate.

When the objectives of a politician are not focused on citizens, then no one benefits from those who have been elected to power. Super Political Action Committees promote greed, and that is what End Citizens United is trying to bring to a halt. The PAC adopts a unique approach, and that is to invest in the people themselves. Rather than obtaining cash from corporations and other private citizens, End Citizens United collects money from the citizens, and then it campaigns for the leaders who support its objectives.

Tiffany Muller leads the PAC to achieve the predefined goals in the most efficient manner. Tiffany Muller has previously contrasted the political stand of Jason Crow and Mike Coffman. The latter protects the interests of the few in the society and leaves the other people to suffer without the appropriate political support.

End Citizens United info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united

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