Fabletics Dominating the Athleisure Market with Ease

The competition in just about every sector is high and same is the case with the fashion industry. Many companies are trying to find ways to dominate this multi-billion dollar industry, but it certainly is not an easy thing to do. Different companies have made their way to the top over a period, such as Amazon, which currently has over 20 percent market share. However, one of the companies that have been giving even giants like Amazon a tough run for the money is Fabletics. The company has made tremendous progress in the last few years, and its turnover has touched over $200 million annually. Fabletics is known for providing customers with high-quality designer athleisure products, which are not only durable and economical but also neatly designed and attractive as well.


One of the reasons why Fabletics was able to surpass the competition to dominate the niche of athleisure products is because of its focus on customers’ reviews and feedback. In a world of social media where consumers have more power than ever to change the fate of a company, it is important for the companies to ensure the customers have a pleasant experience with their products and services. The customers can voice their opinion about the products and services through the reviews, and it can prove to be fruitful or a disaster, depending upon the customer’s experience. A good review would help in adding more clients to the business, while a negative review of any company would ensure that it loses a portion of its activities. A bad review would also ensure that the firm’s market reputation is badly impacted.


Fabletics has focused on ensuring that the customers get what they want – quality products at economical prices. The company also offers its subscribers and clients a very efficient and responsive customer service. It is what has helped in ensuring that the company’s revenue continues to rise at a massive pace, year after year. Fabletics has ensured that its products are liked by the consumers year after year. It is also because the company has gone out of the way to provide only the best quality products at meager prices to the consumers. It helps in developing slowly but steady flow of positive reviews and feedback about the brand on the internet. It influences the purchasing decisions of other interested and potential buyers, which eventually helped in developing Fabletics a favored brand in the market.


It is a well-known fact that customers these days look at the reviews of other buyers before buying. The tons of positive reviews that Fabletics has received over the years has helped the company in gaining customers’ loyalty and also helped with their clients’ retention. Kate Hudson, co-owner of Fabletics say that it is important that the brand continues to develop itself and evolve to ensure that the consumers continue to get what they came looking for at Fabletics – quality, cost-efficiency, and style. Taking Lifestyle Quiz at company’s site is essential for the customers shopping at Fabletics for the first time to know which fashion gear is perfect for them.

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