George Soros funds Democrats $25 million to stop Trump

Donald Trump is often quoted to state that he has plenty of cash to battle his way to the Oval Office. However, another Billionaire in New York is putting his millions to halt Trump from winning. Financier George Soros has launched a presidential campaign along with donors in a $15 million campaign. The campaign series aims at calling Latinos to be part of the campaign effort. The coming presidential election is set to have the largest immigrant and Latino participation at the polls.

Through the new super PAC immigrant Voters on Bloomberg, George Soros campaign is going to fund organizations within states such as Colorado, Nevada and Florida. All these campaigns have a growing in the Asian and Latino communities. This is with the hope that these groups will sway elections to Hillary Clinton’s side in the coming elections.

Trump’s campaign has aimed at demolishing what George Soros has been working on in the recent past. He shot at the Republican presidential candidacy by proposing a hard line in the immigration policy. It led to the Hungarian-born Soros contributing large amounts of $25 million to the Democratic campaign series on People involved in the campaign effort note that this is the largest ever Democratic campaign that targets immigrants and Latinos. The primary goal is to have a minimum of 400,000 new voters in the coming general elections.

The billionaire investor has come back in the political scene after a failed $27 million spending spree to oust George W. Bush in the 2004 election on He went silent from political funding but has returned as the top funder of Democratic Politics.

George Soros donated and committed more than $25 billion to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic causes and candidates. The information is based on records held by the Federal Election Commission and interviews with associates. Some of the prospects expect that George Soros will give even more as the Election Day draws near.

About George Soros
Mr. Soros is an astute business person that founded the profitable Soros Fund. He also is one of the most philanthropists the world has ever known. Born in Hungary, he moved to England as a boy to England as a boy where he attended his primary and college education in London. Having witnessed the Nazi occupation, he has grown to support the causes of society that focus on helping immigrants and refugees. His early childhood experiences shaped his political views and made him have a support for capitalism.

He studied at the London School of Economics to become a student philosopher of Karl Popper. He later graduated and moved to New York where he developed his career in finance. Working for companies gave him little satisfaction, he then decided to start his company by the name Soros Fund.

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