Greg Secker can change your life through trading

Forex trading can transform your life overnight. This is what happened to Greg Secker. He is an English entrepreneur and philanthropist. Greg was born in 1975 in Norfolk England.

He is the alumnus of the University of Nottingham where he studied a Degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. He later started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services as the trading analyst. And this is where his love with trading started.

Greg’s star started begun rising, and in 1998, he was awarded British Telecom Award for his invention of Virtual Trading Desk, a service that offered online trading solutions.

On his recent interview with the Inspirery, Greg said that the struggles of people around him are what stirred the urge to venture into entrepreneurship. He noted that there was inadequate education on best ways of forex trading, which as a result coupled the risks involved.

Greg ditched 9-5 grind at the age of 27 for the unpredictable business world after he launched his company Learn To Trade. Through the company, he was able to offer tips for profitable trading. This was inspired by his family and friends who came to him seeking assistance.

After going fully self-employed, it took Greg three to six months to make more money than what he was making as an employee.

Like every entrepreneur, Greg Secker admitted to feeling like letting go when he started. When the going was getting tougher. But he was able to counter it by revisiting what he had done looking for potential wrong turns.

During the interview, Greg also added that people around you would influence how far you will go. He attributed his successes to his family, friends and business associates. He also mentioned that usually learns a lot from people he meets during his speaking trips.

About Greg Secker

Greg is an international speaker, a mentor in forex trading and philanthropist. In 2003, he founded Knowledge to Action Group, a company that encompasses the Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and Smart Chart Software.

He did so to make it easier for people their upgrade their lives by finding trading information and at a cheaper cost.

Through his seminars, he has impacted over 200,000 people and has expanded his businesses into South Africa, Australia, Philippines, and London.


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