Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has become one of the most successful restaurateurs in the Houston area and he has gotten there by taking on an unconventional view of how a restaurant should be run. He claims that many restaurant owners are caught up in what they want out of their restaurant versus what the customers want out of a restaurant. This customer service oriented view has helped elevate Haidar Barbouti to a successful career.
Haidar Barbouti is the owner of the Highland Village Shopping Center and he recently decided to build a third story on his shopping center and decided that this third story would be a great place for a restaurant. This restaurant would be open air and offer spectacular view of the Galleria area.
Haidar stated that he had recently gone to Europe and was inspired by all of the wonderful open area restaurants that the continent had to offer. These restaurants offered a great atmosphere and were a pleasure to eat in. He wanted to create that atmosphere in Houston. When he started to build his open area restaurant area, he could not find a tenant for it.
Many restaurants pitched opening a tapas bar that would offer wine, there is a great deal of money to be made in this category, but Haidar did not want to open another tapas bar, because he felt that these were quite boring. Haidar is hoping to create a new and exciting restaurant that people would want to go to. After awhile he decided that he was going to have to open his own restaurant.
Haidar had no previous restaurant experience, but he was able to flourish because he had knowledge of what tasted good. He knew that back in the day everyone’s mother could cook a delicious meal that was better than what you would find in a restaurant. After awhile at looking at these old recipes, he was able to open UP restaurant.
UP has become one of the hottest spots in town. This chic restaurant is filled with stylish decor and with some of the best and most exciting food in town. Haidar is now considered a visionary by local restaurant owners and he is well on his way to becoming own of the most successful restaurant owners in Houston.
By being willing to break outside of the current trends and change the way the business is run, Haidar has changed the industry forever.

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