Jason Hope Wants To Takeover Tech In Arizona

The Scottsdale Tech Oracle
The tech industry of Scottsdale, Arizona is taking off and creating something never before seen. With likes of entrepreneurs like Jason Hope it seems as if the future is brighter than ever for the Southwest.

Hope, a long time entrepreneur and advocate of the Internet of Things, is doing an exceptional job of promoting this growth in Arizona. He wants to create an Arizona with an eye towards where tech is going without looking back or hesitating to embrace the latest and greatest.

His Vision For Tech
Jason Hope’s vision for the tech industry focuses on finding ways to engage people with technology while creating a new establishment. A major focus of Jason Hope is on the Internet of Things and the ways it will change our lives. The idea of a future filled with smart homes and self driving vehicles was once considered science fiction, but it is quickly becoming reality thanks to IoT. devices gather and share the information they collect in order to make our lives much more convenient. Soon, everything from our refrigerators to our lights will have some sort of functionality involving the internet.

The Fight Against Aging
Another major focus of Jason Hope is the fight against aging. He is a major contributor to the SENS Institute, an organization devoted to finding ways to combat aging. Aging is often considered a natural part of life, but Hope believes it is simply another disease. By finding ways to extend our lives and fight aging we would no longer need to worry about death with the exception of accidents and similar events. It would create a radically different society and alter the way we live for decades to come as people are freed from the restraints of time.

Find more about Jason Hope at https://www.business.com/author/jason-hope/

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