Lori Senecal Is a CEO on the Move – Success Results from Radical Collaboration

Lori Senecal is a CEO on the move. In 2015, she became the CEO of CP+B and raised its revenue by 21 percent. Her philosophy is that creativity is more than a talent. It is a behavior. Add to her consulting accomplishments companies like Kraft Mac & Cheese.


Lori Senecal’s company also built the Commercializer, which is a tool that enables Letgo users to create their own TV-style spots to sell their used items. The app is a success and topped 45 million downloads. The numbers are still climbing. Add NBA 2K to the mix as well. When 2K released its latest installment of its basketball video game, her company enabled Fitbit to transport the video game to its next level. As a result, Fitbit account holders can enhance their virtual players’ abilities.



Senecal’s company has won number significant contracts that include American Airlines, PayPal, and Hershey. According to Ad Week, the company has become famous for creating world-class results. They employ a creative process that utilizes the very best in design, manufacturing, and technology. For Senecal, a typical day begins with a brisk workout to the get the mental juices flowing. Then, she looks forward to the internal meetings with her team. She outlines the day’s priorities so that everyone can stay focused on the mission.


Communication is the key in her world. The better informed she is, the more she can strategize ways to keep innovating at the highest levels. She is all about building solutions and pushing her agency to the limit. She brings ideas to life through collaboration. On Blogwebpedia, she said that the best ideas rule, and not the biggest titles. Powerful teams that can offer unique points of view is the answer to her success. A great idea is only great if it actually comes to past. Execution is important, and some of the greatest ideas happen as a result of radical collaboration.


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