NuoDB Combining The Best Of NewSQL and Cloud Computing

In the current fast changing technology world it is easy for companies to be overwhelmed by the array of Database Management Systems (DBMSs) that are available to them. First there are the traditional relational that provide ACID compliance and standard SQL interfaces but can’t scale without sharding and overprovisioning. Next there are NoSQL databases that provide availability and simplified scaling but sacrifice consistency, SQL compliance and durability. Then there are NewSQL databases that scale easily while providing ACID and SQL compliance. However, most NewSQL, databases are optimized for specific use cases that may not be applicable to your business. Finally there are cloud databases provided by various cloud providers. These cloud databases scale easily but anchor users to a single cloud provider.
NuoDB is a DBMS that is built to address the issues of the current DBMSs. It combines the advantages of both NewSQL databases and cloud databases. This means that users get a familiar SQL interface, ACID compliance and on demand scaling. NuoDB is also cloud ready with support for both Linux and Windows, this means that it can be deployed on premise or on any cloud provider. NuoDB has a free community edition available that allows users to try out its features for free on both Linux and Windows. Additionally, there are several paid versions that provide support and additional capabilities.

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