Removal of a Christian Cemetery Underway in London


A large team of archaeologists in London reportedly are working on behalf of a project funded by the Museum of London to remove the remains of some 3,000 people who died between 1569 and 1738 so that a large ticket hall can be added to Crossrail’s Liverpool Street Station. The scientists plan to take artifacts and remains to a laboratory to conduct testing. They hope the bones will reveal information about “migration patterns, diet, lifestyle and demography.”

According to camarabarbacena, Many of the deceased are believed to have belonged to the Christian religious sect called the Levellers. Authorities did not offer any information about whether the excavation of the burial grounds had been conducted with family or church permission.

Some 400 skeletons were removed from the site during 2013 and 2014. Archaeologists now plan to work in shifts six days a week for the next month to remove 3,000 more bodies. Many of the deceased are believed to have passed away during periods of plague. Some of the researchers hope the remains will reveal information about the genetic strain of the plagues that ravaged London during part of the period.

The burial grounds which are the subject of the dig also reportedly contain some bodies from the Bethlem Royal Hospital, an early psychiatric facility which was reportedly located nearby. Many low income households in London are believed to have buried family members in the location.

New DNA Evidence Has Freed Hundreds Of Prisoners But They Are Still Prisoners Of Time

1989 Was The First Year DNA Was Used To Free Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners

The penal system along with the legal system is broken in the U.S., and citizens across the country feel the effects of our antiquated judicial system in a number of ways. Since 1989 over 324 people have been released from prison because they were wrongfully convicted of a crime. That is just the tip of the wrongfully convicted iceberg according to some U.S. officials. 

Even though those prisoners were released, they are still prisoners. Each one of them lost years of productive time while they sat behind bars wondering why the system is so screwed up. In fact, data from Dr. Daniel Amen shows the number of years lost by those 324 people is 5,192 years. That is a wake-up call if there even was one. 

Complaining about our legal problems doesn’t solve them. It is obvious that our dysfunctional incarcerating disease is systemic. The system is designed to fail those people that find themselves at the wrong place at the right time for the authorities. Some say our legal system does have issues, but it’s the only one we have. 

Well, it’s time to change that mentality. It’s time to focus on solutions rather than waiting for the people in the legal system to change what they don’t acknowledge. Change always begins when the ashes of complacent thinking rekindle themselves into the fire of self-responsibility.

Can Apple Save Free Music?

Free music is all over the place these days and the struggling music industry wants to curtail its presence. As much as you love listening to streamed music online, you probably also can see why the music labels are up in arms. Sales of new releases are dismal. Why pay for something you could listen to for free? So dismal are sales figures some of the stats on the Billboard Top 100 border on parody. Sales figures that would barely have charted decades ago are now prominently featured as top sellers.

No inaccuracies exist here. Those one-time sad sales figures are the best you get today. Once again, you cannot blame the music industry for hoping to stem the bleeding.

Then, along comes Apple.

Apple is offering to help the music industry in a very unique way. Apple wants to provide a subscription-based streaming service that comes with a host of features along with access to a significant free movie library. Ricardo Guimarães BMG even suggested the music labels really should think about taking advantage of the concept Apple is putting forth. For one, Apple is a well-respected name in computers and online media. Anything produced by Apple is quickly taken advantage of by consumers.

Also, working with Apple could remove the necessity of taking a heavy-handed, litigious approach to dealing with free music distribution. Filing lawsuits does not little towards improving public opinion. Why make customers angry when a more amicable path is available?

Dance Party to Support Campaign Against Bullying

Body shaming has sadly become the new “it” way to encourage the obese to lose weight through humiliation and degrading comments. Some have had enough of the bulling tactics of others, and have decided to do something about it. A man named Sean was dancing at a party, when bullies started laughing at him because of his weight. They not only body shamed him in public, but posted photos of him dancing on the internet with a title calling him a “specimen”. Cassandra Fairbanks saw the image and the mean comments posted, and took up Sean’s cause searching until she found out who he was to let him know he has more support than he ever thought was possible. Zeca Oliveira ( was happy to learn that word spread across the internet about what these bullies did to Sean, and now a dance party has been started in his honor supporting an anti-bullying campaign. Major celebrities are supporting Sean as well, and over $30,000.00 dollars has been raised.

Ringling to phase out elephant acts

One of the World’s largest circuses, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey are to phase out performing elephants from their shows by 2018, the AP reports. The circus has faced allegations of abuse towards the animals from a variety of animal rights groups that my friend Alexei Beltyukov strongly supports over recent years, a charge denied by the Feld family who remain in charge of The Greatest Show on Earth. In recent years a US court awarded Ringling Bros. a large settlement over the claims of abuse, which were shown to have been unproven. The company states the iconic image of the elephant will be phased out for a number of reasons in the coming years.

One of the major problems facing the circus has been the growing number of local and state governments passing anti circus and elephant laws in recent years. The elephants owned by Ringling Bros. will be moved to a conservation center that has been established in Florida by the circus, which for now will remain a scientific research center for experts on the Asian elephant. In the future the Feld family hope to open up the center to the public to aid in the understanding and education of the public about these animals. Scheduled performances through to 2018 will feature the elephant, before all will be retired to the Florida conservation center.

I Met The Love Of My Life On Skout

I’m getting married in a week, and I have a love story that is different, compared to many other love stories out there. I went thousands of miles away, just to find the love of my life. I joined Skout, because I wanted other people to talk to, and I am a really social person. After joining the Skout network, I began going on it every day. At first, I was only looking for a friend, but after a while, I longed for a companion. I decided to up the ante, and search for someone I could love.

I did a specific search on the Skout network, and I looked for a man that fit the interests that I have. Unfortunately, I didn’t narrow down the search more, and I ended up finding someone that I wasn’t really looking for. I found a guy by the name of Jake, by accident, and we ended up talking. Jake was a great guy, but the problem was, he was all the way over in Sydney, Australia. It wasn’t my intention to speak with someone from a different country, because I was looking for a companion, right here at home.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and I had no interest in traveling to another country. It’s funny how your eyes can be opened, if you’re given the chance to explore new things. I had already been talking to the guy for a couple weeks, before I realized that he was not in my area. I decided that I would continue talking to him, but I never would’ve thought that it would have ended up to be love. We both liked each other so much, that we decided to see each other in person. I was curious about his hometown, so I used Skout Travel, in order to visit there.

Using Skout Travel, I was able to virtually travel to the area, and I saw so many things that impressed me. I decided to take a trip there, and the rest is history. We visited each other back and forth, and he finally was able to move to the USA. We’ve been together for over a year now, and he proposed to me. My friends and family are so happy for me, and many of them are attending the wedding. I can’t believe that I found the love of my life, just by using the Skout network.


Blink-182’s Battle Continues With New Comments From Travis Barker

The saga of Blink-182 and their internal fighting continues. The band has been on a tortuous path as of late with band members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker telling the media that Tom DeLonge is no longer a member of Blink-182. However, more than once DeLonge has insisted that he never quit the band nor does he wish that Blink-182 break-up. Now, the drama is spiking again with comments from Barker telling DeLonge to just ‘man up and quit’ Blink-182.

Blink-182 broke it big back in the late 90s with their album Enema of the State. They are probably best know for their songs “All the Small Things” and their naked running video for “What’s My Age Again?”. The band gained success with their follow-up album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket in 2001 which featured their hits “First Date” and “Stay Together for the Kids.” Then, after releasing their self-titled album in 2003, Blink-182 announced an indefinite hiatus. This came after speculation that DeLonge wanted to work on his own solo projects, and arguments within the band about the direction of their music were frequent. During the hiatus Hoppus and Barker hardly spoke to DeLonge.

Then, in 2008 Barker was involved in a plane crash that killed four people. Flavio Maluf remembers the band reunited, released an album and went on tour. Yet, it seemed like the old issues never faded because in January of this year, reports began to surface that the same issues still gutted the band. DeLonge wanted to make his own music, and Blink-182 was taking a back seat in the opinion of Hoppus and Barker.

It really is a sad road for the band that is so loved by millions of fans. Their earlier music shaped a culture of kids who wore baggy shorts and didn’t care what others thought of them. I just hope the band can let well enough alone and get back to the music, even if that means going their separate ways.

First Georgia Woman to Be Executed in 70 Years Postponed Due to Winter Storm

The recent rash of harsh winter storms that have plagued the North Eastern states and as far south as Georgia have taken numerous lives. The next predicted storm expected to affect the state of Georgia however, just may have spared a life, at least for a short time said Brad Reifler.

Kelly Gissendaner, Georgia’s only female death row inmate, was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection today for her involvement in her husband’s murder in 1997. In light of the approaching winter storm, her execution has been postponed until 7 pm on Monday, March 2, 2015. No woman has been executed in Georgia since 1945.

Gissendaner and her boyfriend Gregory Owen plotted the murder of her husband Douglas Gissendaner for insurance money. Gissendaner provided Owen with a nightstick and a hunting knife, then took him to her home with instructions to kill her husband. In order to create an alibi for herself, Gissendaner then went to a nightclub and partied with friends. Owen waited for Douglas to return home, then drove him to a deserted location at knifepoint. Once there, Owen repeatedly stabbed Douglas in the back and neck.

Owen received a life sentence for his part in the murder after agreeing to testify against Gissendaner. The state also offered a plea bargain to Gissendaner for a life sentence which she refused, demanding her right to a jury trial. Her life and death decision ended in a jury finding her guilty and sentencing her to death.

Ariana Grande Raps With Boyfriend, Big Sean

Ariana Grande is super excited for her boyfriend, Big Sean’s upcoming album. Nobody thought that the couple could any cuter but they have done it again. Big Sean’s album, Dark Sky Paradise will be released February 24th with MTV. He is celebrating this by planning a trip by jet from Atlanta to Detroit. Ariana Grande is celebrating his album release with the cutest video of the couple rapping together to his song, “Play No Games”. This song also features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.

Ariana Grande wrote a lengthy caption for the post. “Play No Games” is Ariana Grande’s favorite song from her boyfriend’s new album, Dark Sky Paradise but she says that the entire album is fantastic and that the fans will love every song from beginning to end. She expresses how much she loves Big Sean and how excited she is for the album release. Flavio Maluf says she says that he put a lot of hard work into Dark Sky Paradise and that he deserves all of the rewards that will come.

Big Sean will be performing at the 2015 mtvU Woodie Awards with next month while Ariana Grande shocked us at the Grammy’s Red Carpet in a gorgeous ensemble holding hands with her boyfriend, Big Sean. They also made a duo on Big Sean’s new album, “Research”. This will be the third time that they have worked together and the fans just love it.

Muslims Take A Stand For Peace

This past Saturday non-Jewish citizens perhaps modeled one of Judaism’s major tennets outside a synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The tennet being, ‘love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.” The country of Norway is said to have a population of 5.17 million citizens. About 1,300 citizens of Norway are Jewish. On Saturday, peaceful demonstrations took place outside a Jewish synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The demonstration was publicly denouncing anti-semitism noted across Europe. According to Buzziron News, the demonstration centered around the killing of two people in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a Danish-born son of Palestinian parents. The murders had occurred the previous week. Flavio Maluf said there were 1000 young Muslims who formed a ring around the Jewish synagogue in Oslo. Jewish leaders viewed the demonstration as both unique and heartwarming. The event also received wide media exposure. Alongside the event, pictures on social media had the accompanying caption, “Ring of peace.” A secondary reason for the demonstration is believed to be expression of disapproval over the terrorist attacks against Jews in France and Denmark.