Celebrities Influence the Way We Eat

Our slant towards being star struck causes us to believe celebrity spokespeople, no matter what they’re selling. Somehow that quasi-familiar face on television makes all thing more believable and achievable. Even if they’re not selling something directly, they influence what we buy and even the way we eat.
Celebrities have influenced us to try the Paleo diet, quit sugar and choose to eat so-called ‘clean food’. They write books, make blog posts, make appearances on talk shows and make sure their name and face is before the public eye while they expound the virtues of a certain way of eating.
We believe them and embrace the diet plan of the month which the celebrity we like the most is touting. Doesn’t matter to us that these people are actors and rarely have any type of formal training in diet and nutrition.
People at Imaging Advantage know that it’s not all bad. While the celebrities are merely actors playing a part, they often are promoting better eating habits. If a famous actress tells us that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables, we listen. If a good looking actor swaggers across a sound stage in Hollywood and then into our living room via the TV and tells us we should be drinking more water, we will. Celebrities do influence the way we eat, but that’s a good thing if we take their advice with a grain of salt and dash of common sense.

Rolling Stone Looks at New Mumford & Sons Album

Musical group Mumford & Sons have a new record coming out, and Rolling Stone Magazine takes a look at it on their website. The magazine also interviews the band.

The new record, which will be out soon and is called Wilder Mind, is a departure in terms of style from the band’s previous work. In the past, the band has used traditional instruments like the banjo and acoustic guitars. Recording the new record, they used synthesizers, electric guitars and even drum machines. The band say that they want to try something new instead of getting in a rut with the same sound.

While Brian Torchin can understand the band’s desire to not limit their sound, I think that this may be going too far. Their fans, who are used to an organic folksy sound, may not be able to roll with a drum machine. While it’s important to develop as artists, it’s also important to give fans what they want. Can you imagine if AC/DC recorded an album of banjo music? It’s hard to imagine it selling very well.

Mumford & Sons will be touring soon with Foo Fighters and also My Morning Jacket. These promise to be great shows since Mumford & Sons will bring youth and energy to the bill. The band is also hiring a drummer for the shows, which is something they have not done before.

Ban on Prayer in Public Schools takes Toll on New York

Civil liberties groups believe that having any type of prayer in school or any mention of religion is bad for the children who attend. Madalyn Murray O’Hair is credited with having prayer and bible readings removed from public schools back in 1963 stated AnastasiaDate. A lot has changed in the decades since that court ruling, but prayer has not been allowed in schools since. That did not stop graduating students from praying at their graduation ceremonies, but even that recently changed.

The ban on public prayer and bible reading may now be showing signs that it has backfired. More people from all faiths are fighting back. Groups of students find ways to slip a prayer into the graduation ceremony. Christians and Jews have taken on the responsibility of educating their children in private religious settings or at home rather than limit their child’s ability to learn in a way they believe is best suited for their children.

Oddly enough, it is the private/homeschooling method that may be causing serious trouble for the local schools. There are apparently not enough children attending public schools in New York, starting with Pre-K and the mayor wants to entice some of the private schools to send their children to public schools. By doing so, he would have to enact a rule that allows a break during the day so that children can pray. The new law is meant to entice mostly Jewish educators, something that is not likely to happen anyway. The civil liberties groups believe that the break would invite lawsuits and they do not want to see it happen. It is a tug of war that the public school system will not likely win.

Obese Dog Loses 75% of his Weight‏

One young woman definitely rescued her sweet dachshund from friends who were not taking proper care of him or loving him the way any pet should be loved. He was extremely obese and unable to walk even a few feet without needing to stop due to being short of breath. According to an article on reddit.com, this poor pup was being fed human food, consisting of ramen noodles, pizza, burgers, etc… When Brooke rescued him, she put him on a dry dog food diet and introduced walks and exercise into his life.

He started losing weight, but with the pounds dropping off, his overstretched skin hung from his body. Dennis was tripping on the skin and getting it caught in his paws. Brooke took him to a vet and was able to help him remove the excess skin over the course of three surgeries. Zeca Oliveira knows that Dennis went from a morbidly obese, 56 pound dog to a happy dog, no longer depressed, of only 12 pounds. That is right, he lost 44 pounds. But, more than the pounds he lost, gained twice that in the love he got from his new family.

Dennis got his happy ending, but there are so many pets being overfed, or fed the wrong foods for their bodies that their health and weight could be in jeopardy. All I can do is my part to properly care for my pets.

Cruise and Scientology

In an interesting article about Tom Cruise and his involvement with the church of Scientology on reddit.com, Your text to link… , you start to get a sense for what this religious practice can do to an individual and family. The article is discussing an upcoming documentary around the church and what is involved when you decide to join. But there is especially a lot of focus on Tom Cruise himself, as he is the most visible, highly recognized celebrity who has been in the public eye representing himself as a Scientologist.

From the little I know of this so called religion, it sickens me the level of involvement they have in dictating how their members live their lives. A prime example is the decision to specifically break up Tom Cruise’s relationship with Nicole Kidman. I truly don’t understand how any intelligent human being can choose to make Scientology a way of life for them.

According to CNN iReport, part of the documentary will focus specifically on Tom Cruise, his actions as a member of the church of Scientology and the impact he ha had in recruiting new members. This will not be a favorable view of him and there is a lot of speculation on how he will react and respond. I guess no matter how he does, it will not be an easy time as he is exposed in the documentary.

North American Spine Continue To Be Leaders

If an athlete wakes up in a lot of pain, they are already in trouble for the day. An athlete needs to be in tiptop shape, especially if they play professional sports. Even if an athlete does not play professionally, they may play for a school team, or they may even play for fun. Any athlete that is having neck and back pain, may face a great deal of pain when they play their game. Playing a game in pain, can be excruciating, especially in games that last for hours. Just imagine having pain over and over, for hours throughout the day.

Some athletes will take a pain pill or two, before they have to hit the field, or go onto the court to play their game. No matter what game an athlete plays, a pain pill will only go so far, and they may experience pain, while playing the game. Many athletes cannot stop and take a pain pill, especially if they are in the middle of a game. Some athletes will then have to play through the pain, which makes the pain even more unbearable. It’s not necessary to suffer from neck and back pains, especially if there is a cure.

Many who have suffered from excruciating neck and back pain, found relief from their pain at North American Spine. North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, but there are many other facilities available to those in other areas. No matter which North American Spine facility an athlete chooses, they can choose to be pain free, by visiting the facilities. Pain is something that can be managed, but it’s better to cure the pain altogether. Many athletes will continue to suffer from pain, because they don’t want to interrupt their game in any way.

Some may not understand that the pain itself, is interrupting the game, not the solution. It’s best to get a permanent solution to any pain that an athlete may be feeling, and this can be achieved with the AccuraScope procedure. The AccuraScope procedure can be performed in about 45 minutes, and the patient can recover at home. It’s possible for a patient to be pain free, if the procedure is performed and its successful. Many have success from the AccuraScope procedure, and most patients would recommend that others suffering from neck and back pain, receive the procedure as well. Try North American Spine today.

Removal of a Christian Cemetery Underway in London


A large team of archaeologists in London reportedly are working on behalf of a project funded by the Museum of London to remove the remains of some 3,000 people who died between 1569 and 1738 so that a large ticket hall can be added to Crossrail’s Liverpool Street Station. The scientists plan to take artifacts and remains to a laboratory to conduct testing. They hope the bones will reveal information about “migration patterns, diet, lifestyle and demography.”

According to camarabarbacena, Many of the deceased are believed to have belonged to the Christian religious sect called the Levellers. Authorities did not offer any information about whether the excavation of the burial grounds had been conducted with family or church permission.

Some 400 skeletons were removed from the site during 2013 and 2014. Archaeologists now plan to work in shifts six days a week for the next month to remove 3,000 more bodies. Many of the deceased are believed to have passed away during periods of plague. Some of the researchers hope the remains will reveal information about the genetic strain of the plagues that ravaged London during part of the period.

The burial grounds which are the subject of the dig also reportedly contain some bodies from the Bethlem Royal Hospital, an early psychiatric facility which was reportedly located nearby. Many low income households in London are believed to have buried family members in the location.

New DNA Evidence Has Freed Hundreds Of Prisoners But They Are Still Prisoners Of Time

1989 Was The First Year DNA Was Used To Free Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners

The penal system along with the legal system is broken in the U.S., and citizens across the country feel the effects of our antiquated judicial system in a number of ways. Since 1989 over 324 people have been released from prison because they were wrongfully convicted of a crime. That is just the tip of the wrongfully convicted iceberg according to some U.S. officials. 

Even though those prisoners were released, they are still prisoners. Each one of them lost years of productive time while they sat behind bars wondering why the system is so screwed up. In fact, data from Dr. Daniel Amen shows the number of years lost by those 324 people is 5,192 years. That is a wake-up call if there even was one. 

Complaining about our legal problems doesn’t solve them. It is obvious that our dysfunctional incarcerating disease is systemic. The system is designed to fail those people that find themselves at the wrong place at the right time for the authorities. Some say our legal system does have issues, but it’s the only one we have. 

Well, it’s time to change that mentality. It’s time to focus on solutions rather than waiting for the people in the legal system to change what they don’t acknowledge. Change always begins when the ashes of complacent thinking rekindle themselves into the fire of self-responsibility.

Can Apple Save Free Music?

Free music is all over the place these days and the struggling music industry wants to curtail its presence. As much as you love listening to streamed music online, you probably also can see why the music labels are up in arms. Sales of new releases are dismal. Why pay for something you could listen to for free? So dismal are sales figures some of the stats on the Billboard Top 100 border on parody. Sales figures that would barely have charted decades ago are now prominently featured as top sellers.

No inaccuracies exist here. Those one-time sad sales figures are the best you get today. Once again, you cannot blame the music industry for hoping to stem the bleeding.

Then, along comes Apple.

Apple is offering to help the music industry in a very unique way. Apple wants to provide a subscription-based streaming service that comes with a host of features along with access to a significant free movie library. Ricardo Guimarães BMG even suggested the music labels really should think about taking advantage of the concept Apple is putting forth. For one, Apple is a well-respected name in computers and online media. Anything produced by Apple is quickly taken advantage of by consumers.

Also, working with Apple could remove the necessity of taking a heavy-handed, litigious approach to dealing with free music distribution. Filing lawsuits does not little towards improving public opinion. Why make customers angry when a more amicable path is available?

Dance Party to Support Campaign Against Bullying

Body shaming has sadly become the new “it” way to encourage the obese to lose weight through humiliation and degrading comments. Some have had enough of the bulling tactics of others, and have decided to do something about it. A man named Sean was dancing at a party, when bullies started laughing at him because of his weight. They not only body shamed him in public, but posted photos of him dancing on the internet with a title calling him a “specimen”. Cassandra Fairbanks saw the image and the mean comments posted, and took up Sean’s cause searching until she found out who he was to let him know he has more support than he ever thought was possible. Zeca Oliveira (Noticias.uol.com.br) was happy to learn that word spread across the internet about what these bullies did to Sean, and now a dance party has been started in his honor supporting an anti-bullying campaign. Major celebrities are supporting Sean as well, and over $30,000.00 dollars has been raised.